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This blog is undergoing a server move that may take a few more weeks (months?) to complete, but that isn't stopping me from creating new material. Apologies for posts that are difficult to read. This blog is also currently NOT viewable on mobile and other devices. In the past it had awesome mobile viewing, and I have faith it will again. The Xanga Team have moved 2M+ blogs and are still rewriting the tech codes into the new servers, so please be patient. Thank you so much for stopping by, and thank you Xanga Team for doing all this hard work, without which this blog simply would have been lost.

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The History of this Blog 2-1-2014

I created this blog in September of 2004, originally just a blog until Lexx fans started contacting me asking for more Lexx. I forgot I had put a tracker on my blog and discovered a year later I was getting some pretty nice traffic because of Lexx, so I turned the blog into a Lexx fan site in 2005. I was still pretty green when I visited my first Lexx forum on Nov 9, 2005.

By 2006 it had become clear this blog was one of the top Lexx fan sites for active traffic and a publicist offered me autonomous web hosting, which I declined. Bill Wanstrom called me on my phone once, that was pretty cool. Thanks to my blundering aspie ways and an orchestrated train wreck, even the Lexx actors knew who I was when I helped Lexxzone man a booth at Megacon in 2007.

Back then it was still a pretty big secret that I have lupus, and my health took a nosedive during summer of 2007. By 2009 I feared I might not regain normal health again and started pulling my public blogs into private. By early 2012 I had been off the grid and dealing with hard stuff for so long that I started deleting big chunks of my creations and storage. Including Lexx. The only reason I didn't delete this blog is because I had paid for lifetime on it and wouldn't be able to get the money back. I considered starting this blog over, no Lexx, and came back public in July of 2012.

Within of month of going public, my traffic boomed big time after I mentioned Lexx. I had been curiously noticing regular traffic checking my blog the entire time it was closed to the public, interestingly, the traffic meter worked just fine the whole time, and Lexx fans consistently showed up from bookmarks that should have no longer existed but redirected to my blog anyway. The areas that monitored this blog the most were Moscow, the Los Angeles/San Francisco metro area, and the UK, and very quickly that grew to worldwide response again once I started blogging Lexx posts. By last spring I was getting numbers like this.

statsfortuna4-9-13 statsfortuna4-9-13-2 statsfortuna4-13-13

Two more people have generously offered me autonomous web hosting since the big Xanga migration announcement. Again, I declined and grit my teeth preparing for probably the largest server move and salvage operation in blogging history. In order to keep this blog not only visible but still interactive and growing I had to invest more money, actually quite a bit more, and keep my faith that the new hosting site would make my blog even cooler than before. In the past Xanga has given me excellent internal tracking and mobile viewing and so many other really nice perks. And please notice that you haven't been subjected to ANY ads all these years. You're welcome.

Now that the Xanga Team are getting workable codes and formats and widgets and stuff back on again, I will continue building what I hope becomes the biggest Lexx film review on the internet. My friend Myke has been letting me host weekly Lexx watches in his chatroom, which we also live tweet. Echo Bridge Entertainment recently retweeted me on twitter, which was really cool.


Going forward I'd like to host hangout chats with other Lexx fans and fan site builders/owners/contributors. I'm still working on my own tech for that, so it might be a little longer. If you are interested in becoming part of this endeavor, please to follow my Lexx page on Google plus.

The visible traffic counter you see on this blog in the upper left column is broken. I only keep it because it has the original date that I installed it. The poor counter has been through its own server move, the Xanga migration, and several other maladies along the way. The count you are seeing started over when I opened this blog back up or something, you can see the zeros before that. I allowed my paid subscription to lapse when I thought I'd never be Lexxing again and lost all my previous stats, so the charts going back through the years all have zeros on them now, as you can see from this snip. The truer conservative count is closer to .5+M on this blog.


This (below) is what traffic has been looking like since I made this blog public again. Bear in mind the orange charts are the broken reinstalled meter, not the excellent internal Xanga meter from the purple snips. I've been aware for several months that site meter doesn't seem to recognize some of the newer browsers and/or disregards newer device IPs as spam or something, and lately I can't even set my correct time on it, so no telling how much is missing off these reported numbers. Beneath this site meter chart are some quick snips I grabbed before the migration closed my blog on September 1st 2013, each snip shows the internal Xanga count at the time and clicks directly to the post it came from.


viewcountsmakingof the making of Lexx

viewcountslexxindex Lexx index

viewcountellen Ellen Dubin interview with Wormhole Riders

I think it's safe to say that Lexx fans want more Lexx. I'm very anxiously waiting for Xanga to get the internal trackers back up so I can see what is really going on with this blog.

Comments (2)

  • You're so right about us wanting more Lexx. We cannot let this show die.

  • For me, Lexx is an important part of my life. I found this show on Channel 5 in the UK in 1999. I lived in a Catholic all boys children's home in a country that was not my own. As you can imagine, it appealed to me because of Zev/Xev; the other lads had mentioned this show and I waded in expecting moronic titillation but what i got was something much better.

    The first episode I seen was Stan's Trial (the nerve bore worms) and then Lafftrak (specialty shooooow). They were dark, dreary, almost depressing scenes which were far removed from the clean 'prime directive' world that Star Trek conjured. I imagined that life in space would consist of harsh conditions, shortage of basic necessities, dirt, grit, violence, human rights abuses and loneliness and Lexx delivered all of this in spades.

    Many, many years passed; i forgot about Lexx. I was idly browsing IMDB and I came across something that linked to the girl who played Giggerota (the one i actually fancied in the show) and I remembered the show, quickly located it and watched it all, in it's entirity. I did not appreciate series 4; except the last episode. Lafftrak was as good as ever. My favourite episode being Brigadoom.

    The only other science fiction to even approach this was Firefly and the closest non-science fiction world is Orwell's Oceania.

    I remember writing an email to Lex Gigeroff applauding his efforts, but earlier this week I learned of his untimely death.

    Lexx was important. Very important.

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