• Lexx- Season Two

    "I am the Lexx. I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes."

    Thanx to several events wildly rearranging my summer, my Lexx film review went on hold while I kept my little boat from tipping over. Between my first real vacation in years, the Xanga migration announcement, both my daughters popping new spawn, a surprise surgery, and even more surprising med withdrawals due to autoimmune reaction disorder, my head feels like it zinged around the galaxy a few too many times.
    Also thanx to regular Lexx watch parties gearing up through the summer, my mind has been steeped in season two Lexx for weeks. So I've decided in true Lexx fashion to bifurcate my film review. Lexx first aired on the Syfy channel out of order after it debuted in the US on Showtime. Many fans saw season two before they ever saw season one. As I get back on my track doing this film review, tongue in cheek acknowledgement goes out to Lexx viewing history in the US with my bifurcated film review. Season one will continue to link together, and season two will be a new series of linked posts.
    Mantrid -coming soon

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  • The Dead Do Not Snark

    I was named honorary "Snarkalec" several weeks ago and temporarily added to one of their member twitter lists after I hacked their logo onto Kai and joined in a live tweet Syfy watch party. Although I'm not an official member, here are a few links that are fun to check out. You can grab this pic with a highlight rollover for cut and paste.
    This entry can also be found at Lexx- wallpapers, icons, pix 
  • How big is the Lexx?

    When you watch Lexx, sometimes it's hard to grasp just how huge that big bug really is. We see other living ships, another fave of mine being Moya from Farscape, and we see other really big ships and space stations, like Imperial Destroyers from Star Wars, the Earth Alliance Station from Babylon 5, and even that great big creepy cube styled Borg ship from Star Trek, but the question comes up- whose is bigger? How does the Lexx compare to these other space faring constructions?

    There is actually quite a bit of discussion about this, but let's start withLexx - Wikipedia. Scroll down past the plot summary to the actual description that starts with this sentence- "The Lexx is a bio-engineered, Manhattan-sized, planet-destroying bioship in the shape of a giant winglessdragonfly." Excuse me? Manhattan??? Well, how big is that? How big is Manhattan I don't know if that 13 miles length is from the furthest out buildings on either end or invisible lines surveyed with an astrolabe, but if you think a little differently about it, it's about the same distance that Felix Baumgartner went last year to break the skydiving record. Skydiver jumps from 13 miles above Earth in test run for record attempt So if the Lexx were pointed upright with the tip of its tail on earth, this guy would look like a tiny dot against its face. THAT is how big the Lexx is.


    "I can remember my first time on Manhattan, and looking up and down the Avenue, and my brain going “pop”, because it was unable to grasp the evidence directly in front of it. If you’ve never been to Manhattan , it’s impossible to imagine what 1.5 million people sitting on 22.7 square miles looks like. If you have been, many of you will understand the awe that this borough presents to you inspires." When you click the map on that page a couple of times to enhance the size, you can see that Manhattan is the orange part, looking very Lexxy... I'm sure fans will understand what I mean. But if you can imagine Lexx landing on Earth the way it did on Brunnis, that is how much room it would take up.


    I recently had fun tweeting to Craig Engler, senior exec at Syfy, which might actually help with our perspective here. This brief interaction was too big to get in one screen shot, but you can click on either one of those pix to see his short video of the Manhattan skyline hosted on his vine account. Be sure to follow him on twitter for cool Q&A with fans (click both his name and Syfy for his accounts).

     photo vine1.jpg

     photo vine2.jpg

    Back to how big the Lexx is.

    The guy who does The Conservation Report (Buck Denton, uber nerd) puts it in perspective for us. He was also curious about side by side comparisons of scifi spacecraft and made a blog post about it at SCIENCE FICTION: Spaceship size comparison charts, complete with a pop out chart that reminds me of those big posters you see in science buildings across college campuses. This is serious stuff.

    (Note- the original page for that chart is at BuzzFeed- Spaceship Size Comparison Chart [PIC], originally posted on 1-14-09. The original pop out click no longer works on BuzzFeed, so thank you Buck Denton for saving that for us!) (edit 3-5-13: found the chart creator, linked in comments below)

    At the lower right on that chart we find the Lexx. (Have you clicked that up to big size? Good.) Whoever made the chart asigned a size of 10,000 metres to the Lexx, which I'm not sure is right. Vague descriptions about the size of Lexx say it's the size of Manhattan, from interviews with the creators to description copy in nearly every article you find, but you really don't find anyone saying how big Manhattan is unless you look it up, like we just did above and discovered that it's around 13 miles long, whereas this chart puts the Lexx at about 6 miles long. So I guess take the specs with grain of salt. (Scifi enthusiasts will sometimes enjoy sizzling debates down to the micron on fictional details, a happy little rush you can't get from real life.)

    When you scroll around on that chart you can see that the Lexx is about a mile longer than the Babylon 5 station, three times the length of a Borg cube ship, roughly the same size as a Voth city ship and the Earth Spacedock (all three of these from Star Trek), and dwarfed only by the Emperor's executive destroyer and the Death Star (the Death Star obviously doesn't fit on the chart) from Star Wars. The Lexx is also the largest living ship on the chart.

    There is also a cool graph chart at 100 Pixels per meter that shows a few more ships that are bigger than Lexx, including the whale probe and V'Ger from Star Trek, and it does have the Death Star on it, plus a number of other much smaller ships. You can see the Lexx still ranks right up there in the top twenty largest space constructions between the two charts.

    You can also find 'blueprints' for the Lexx housed at LexxZone Gallery - Lexx blueprint, which pops up to gigantic size when you click that pic. They're not complete blueprints in that labeling dimensions and known structures is sadly deficit, but it's still cool to look at.

    Some years ago I could have linked you to the original original sources, most of those are gone now and the fastest way to find this stuff is by playing around with phrases in search engines and clicking for image listings, which will in turn link back to sources. Old sites abound with broken links and removed pages, and other sites abound that have very poor search engine access or none at all, and I accidentally find those in the strangest ways. There are sites containing copyright material from sources that no longer exist, so many sites use Fair Use disclaimers (as do I), but thank goodness there are multiple fan sites that also cache what they find, otherwise some of these things might be lost forever. I daresay there are Lexx fan sites outside of the U.S. that vigorously collect everything they find and none of this stuff is lost at all, except to the northwestern hemisphere where we strangle ourselves silly with stacks of regulations that even politicians have no time to read. "Copyright protects the particular way authors have expressed themselves. It does not extend to any ideas, systems, or factual information conveyed in a work". But still, I lament that sourcing Lexx is becoming harder and harder as years pass.


    Readers are welcome to link more sources on the comments area.

    Here is a good example of a broken link due to a lost source page. I found this in an image search by pure accident, it clicks from the search engine list to the page, but the page no longer warehouses the picture. You get this a lot with Lexx. You can see how old this page is, I'm surprised it's still around at all.

  • You Can't Handle Watching LEXX

    I ran into this old post archived on my private blog on August 31, 2006. I'm pretty sure I wrote it quite a bit earlier, possibly back to 2005. I didn't save anything else that I know of before I kaboomed my old Lexx stuff, so this is a rare blast from the past. Images click back to original sources.

    In my opinion, Lexx is the only scifi show that never wimped out. All the rest deal with humanity against evil, and I was always disappointed in the endings. Stargate truly wimped out when the Ancients AND Anubis all turned out to be humans. They had me hanging on to the edge of my seat until then, and suddenly it was just ordinary again. Babylon 5 stuck with their aliens, Vorlons and Shadows, but in the end they were just lonely children and made up and left the galaxy after a few words. All that tension built up, and they just reconciled and went away. Same with all the Star Trek shows. It's always humanity against some other race, or Q, and humanity always reasons its way to the side of right and good. Battlestar Galactica, yeah, humans created their own problem and now it's turning on them and they are barely surviving. Boring, boring, boring.

    Lexx was never afraid for the bad guy to be truly TRULY evil, so awful that humanity was losing for millenia, and not only losing, but going along like sheep to the slaughter of the masses. And the humans that were evil, were evil, no reasoning with them, no fighting them. Mantrid actually destroyed an entire universe. Throughout Lexx there is no compassion for the ones who lose, no whimpering and moaning about what it's doing to humanity, no noble attempts at morality and happy endings. The more minor evil characters are still really evil, into cannabalism and perverse tortures and selling their prey to the highest bidder. That our main characters survive at all is hair raising, and then accidently making things worse as they go is the perfect ironic twist. Actually meeting Prince and discussing the afterlife (seeing Stanley fail to escape from Prince!) was a step above and beyond everyone else's false gods and technoweenie explaining away of human myth and religions, and then coming to earth in the 4th season and being absolutely real with just how nasty human nature can get (Xev nearly losing her organs to the black market, for crying out loud!), and still everything goes horribly wrong but somehow they survive...

    Is it any WONDER that Kai and Stan and Xev are latched onto as the ulitmate 'heroes'? They are so real, like us. They are up against everything all by themselves, with no guide of any kind, no Federation to fall back on, no Q to reset the balance, no one to tell them how they are doing in all of this. In the end, they are the only ones they can count on to get each other's backs against two whole universes.

    Anyone who doesn't like this show, in my opinion, is afraid of facing the sheer high cliff of hopelessness and making the decision to go on anyway. This show doesn't hand out answers to the problems in life, just slaps you around with them and makes fun of it all, and then dares to throw you right off the cliff when it's done, case in point, what happened to Kai in the last show, hate to spoil it if you've never seen it. If you are a wimp, you can't handle watching Lexx.


  • Lexx traffic

    Anybody else watch Syfy's 20th Anniversary Special? I'm already finding message boards in several forums with fans expressing disappointment and frustration that Lexx didn't even get a passing glance, despite it being a heavy contender in the Friday Prime lineup during their biggest Stargate/Farscape years and despite the fact that "Lexx was voted 23rd in a recent poll by SciFiNow magazine in June 2009 in the '25 Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows'.", from Lexx - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    I'm not going to bother with why. I'm just going to share my traffic stats over the last ~ten days~ here on my Lexx nerd blog at -I am looking at ONLY those tracks that come in directly to Lexx-specific posts and not the main page or unrelated posts. Between the internal Xanga tracker and my paid site meter, there are 46 countries represented. In the U.S. there are 36 states represented, despite the fact that Lexx has not been seen in the U.S. since Syfy stopped airing it. If you have recently visited and do not see your country or state listed below and want to be recognized, give a shout out in the comments. MANY of my visitors came in through named blogs or anon proxies, and I'm not enough of a stalker to backtrack those locations.
    Countries in no particular order-
    United States, Canada, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Spain, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Denmark, India, New Zealand, Belgium, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, Philippines, Russian Federation, Myanmar, Pakistan, Mexico, Israel, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Australia, Indonesia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Yemen, Peru, Egypt, Thailand, Algeria, Slovakia, Kuwait, Singapore, Hungary, Romania, and Uganda.
    United States in no particular order-
    Illinois, Maryland, Iowa, Michigan, California, Nebraska, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, Indiana, Washington, Missouri, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia, New Jersey, Oregon, Tennessee, Ohio, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Delaware, Colorado, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
    My little stat map only goes back 500 hits on site meter, and I easily got that just in the last 3 days. I have other non-Lexx posts that get hit a lot, so that is also showing up on this map.

    These charts are only for site meter, not Xanga. Xanga will catch what site meter doesn't, and vice versa. Neither one counts web crawlers, and site meter is pretty strict about not counting redundancy.


    This is only one Lexx site. I'm not counting my tumblr or anything off a message board or other people's fan sites. I think this is a pretty accurate and fair sampling of worldwide interest in Lexx since I restarted this blog 5 months ago. If Syfy isn't hearing any screaming, it's probably because we've gone a bit hoarse and are a little tired, but that doesn't mean we don't want to see LEXX or don't care whether it's not talked about. I'm hoping the reason it wasn't is because it's still tied up in legal issues and Syfy simply couldn't legally use any Lexx footage, nice little marketing history at Waiting For the LEXX Spin-off, assuming it's correct.
    "Year 1998 Commercials for the new season of Farscape and the new show Lexx. Part of the SciFi 2.0 overhaul of the channels motion graphics. At :41 The SciFI 2.0 Element for "Series" is displayed next to the Farscape and the Element for "Fantasy" is displayed above the words LEXX the Movies ."
    "Advert for the final season premiere of the strange, sensual and surreal scifi program LEXX. In the final season the crew of the LEXX finds Earth which coincidentally is inhabited with people that they once knew from their past, including the coniving Prince and the denizens of planets Fire and Water they met in the season prior. The series ends after this season."
    I think I mostly did this post to show Lexx fans that you aren't alone, and to show Syfy you're out there.


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