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  • The Dark Zone and the Cycles of Time

    This post contains a LOT of spoilers. If you've not seen Lexx, go watch it *right now* and then come back here to sink your teeth into some cool stuff.

    For a Lexxellent experience, enjoy the soundtrack while you read. Pictures in this post click back to their sources.


    Kai: Welcome to the Dark Zone.

    Zev: The Dark Zone?

    Stan: We're IN the Dark Zone?

    Zev: So, what are we supposed to do now?

    Kai: Perhaps you should find yourselves a home.

    Stan: But the Dark Zone is full of depravity and evilness and darkness!

    Kai: My ancestors came from the Dark Zone. I was taught that although there are not many good planets, there are some. Perhaps you should find one.

    Zev: You mean we should find one. We are together in this.

    Kai: I'm dead. I have no future.

    Two universes coexist in the same place, in the same space, at the same time. The Light Universe is home to the League of 20,000 Planets, brought to Order by His Divine Shadow after the millennia-long Insect Wars. The Dark Zone is the ancestral home of the Brunnen-G, who defeated the Insects some time after migrating to the Light Universe to escape their dying sun.



    The Lexx passes from the Light Universe to the Dark Zone and back a couple of times via a fractal core during its journeys. The story begins in the first season with the Light Universe and progresses with escape into the Dark Zone, and back to the Light Universe in search of protoblood, which keeps Kai animated. From there the Lexx travels across the Light Universe throughout season two until it is forced to withdraw back into the Dark Zone, where it stays throughout seasons three and four.

    The Dark Zone contains Brunnis, the ancestral home of the Brunnen-G, Fire and Water from season three, and Earth from season four. Key characters from the Dark Zone include Poet Man, Prince, MayPriest, and Vlad.

    The Light Universe contains the Cluster, which is His Shadow's ruling seat over the League of 20,000 Planets, the Ostral-B heretics, and a number of worlds and space vessels/establishments that the Lexx encounters. Key characters from the Light Universe include His Shadow, ThodinBog, Yottskry, and Brizon.

    Key characters who show up in both universes are Stanley TweedleKai, Zev Bellringer, Xev Bellringer, 790, Giggerota (Queen, Genevive), Lyekka, Mantrid, (Schlemmi) Fifi, (Laleen) Bunny, MossLomea, (Wozzard) Dr. Ernst Longbore, and the Time Prophet. (More information on reincarnated characters at Lexx Wiki.)

    “Time as you know had a beginning and time has an end and then time begins again. As we shall each live our lives again exactly as before, I have been gifted to see into the old cycles of time. Not very clearly mind you, but I have learned that in the future-past the Brunnen-G, the great victor in the war against the insect civilisation, shall be destroyed at the hand of His Shadow. But after His Shadow leaves the Cluster they will be destroyed at the hands of the Brunnen-G. This has happened before and it will happen again.” — The Time Prophet


    Do you see the symbol on the Time Prophet's head covering? It represents the cycles of time, which are endless because they start over again, over and over and over. His Shadow asked a couple of his officers if they believed time truly went in a circle or in a straight line. There is no answer, of course. However, that spiral looks suspiciously like a Lorenz attractor so I'm going a step further. The Time Prophet admitted she couldn't see into the old cycles of time very clearly, which is odd considering she also says everything happens the same as before, and even more odd that she is able to be extremely precise and give Stanley Tweedle map room coordinates to Kai's memory sheet in the Memory Catacombs via another Brunnen-G's memory sheet from thousands of years before. This from a transcript of Super Nova-
    [The columns go down. The blades stop]
    [Stan wraps his stump and staggers through corridors, into a room full of plastic sheets. He puts his hand on a disc and sees a memory]

    GENERAL: And it is with great pride that I confer upon you, Krato, the medal of ultimate honour for defeating the insects at the battle of Wirin. All Brunnen G, all human race are forever in your debt

    [Stan staggers on. He touches another disc, and sees a hand, writing]

    BG: Days pass quickly now, and our sun continues to die. I fear that one day, Brunnis will do the same, and we will have to leave, go to -

    [Stan collapses, pulling a sheet down over his face. He sees a memory of the Time Prophet, speaking to an unseen man]

    TIME: Stanley Tweedle

    BG: Stanley Tweedle? Time Prophet, my name is not Stanley Tweedle. My name is, er -

    TIME: It matters not. By seeing into the future past, I know that 5000 years after your death, Stanley Tweedle will visit the Brunnen G memory catacombs. He will touch your memory

    BG: Ah, but my question was about the mineral deposits on Aureliun 4 -

    TIME: Forget about the mineral deposits! This is important. Stanley, you are the only one who can save Kai and Zev. You must go to section 83, row 249, plot 35. There you will find a stone cover. Lift it

    BG: But -

    TIME: Go now!

    [Stan gets up]

    STAN: Section 83, row 249, plot - 30?

    [He can't remember, so he goes back and touches the sheet again]

    TIME: 5!

    STAN: All right

    That was a pretty awesome bit of pinpoint prophecy, and adds more questions to the time philosophy. If she can see all times as 'now', then she has a remarkable and probably overwhelming gift. More interesting, she seems to be timeless herself, since we see her being accessed for advice also by Kai and His Shadow. There is no mention of how this happens or where she resides, but she seems to be outside of time itself. We don't know if people must enter a hypnotic or dream state to reach her and we have no clue if she's part of a religion, but we do find out in season four that Vlad kills her. Maybe... From the Lexx Wiki.

    • Vlad's older form is played by Anna Cameron, the same actress that played the Time Prophet. It is unknown if this is intended to suggest that Vlad may have been produced from the remains of the Time Prophet, in the same way that the assassin Kai was produced from the original Brunnen-G warrior.
    • Though Vlad is believed to have killed the time prophet, this could be interpreted as the time-prophet's death being used in the creation of Vlad.
    • Actually, Vlad herself states that she travelled to see the Time Prophet, who revealed to her that she would find Kai on Earth eventually. Vlad then states that she killed the Time Prophet.

    I find it extremely interesting that the Time Prophet focuses on such a narrow part of prophecy when so much other stuff happens, and you could argue that much of this becomes self fulfilling prophecy, and even make the leap to reading between the lines to see that these prophecies may have been subtly aimed at Zev, as though she were a kind of subtext catalyst, because she is Kai's motivator on several occasions since Kai cannot motivate himself, being undead without a will.

    Before I go deeper, let's do a quick review. There are several things that HAD to happen in order for all the rest to happen.

    Oddly, the very first thing that happens is Kai exposes his people to His Shadow's planet killer (we learn this in season two's Brigadoom), then throws himself right at His Shadow's feet in a kamikaze attempt to kill him. That right there creates the perfect feedback loop for becoming the last of the Brunnen-G in the prophecy. If the Time Prophet had never told him, would he have done this?

    The next big thing that went precisely perfectly wrong before the prophecy could be fulfilled was Stanley Tweedle slapping Thodin's bug bomb and causing it to become damaged. Because the bug bomb was damaged, it detonated the wrong cable and the cluster lizards were set free.

    Because the cluster lizards roamed freely, Zev's attendant robot during her sentencing was destroyed by a cluster lizard, which also accidentally knocked the lever that activated the lusticon she was strapped to. That resulted in not only killing the cluster lizard, but shoving some of its tissue into the lusticon just before it engaged, resulting in Zev's love slave transformation incorporating cluster lizard DNA into hers, effectively creating a hybrid. That made her strong enough to pull free of her straps. Then she shoved the robot head left over from the savaged attendant robot into the final phase of the lusticon's brainwashing program, accidentally creating a robot head that would obey her every command.

    Meanwhile, everything going wrong with software and equipment malfunctions meant that Thodin was inadvertently brought back to the sentencing chamber, where he freed his gang and a cannibal named Giggerota.

    After that the catalyst became a Zev/790 combo unlocking doors and fleeing through the judicial compound to the special projects area with Stanley Tweedle, where they met Thodin and his crew of Ostral-B heretics intent on stealing the Lexx.

    Because everything was going out of control, His Shadow activated Kai, last of the Brunnen-G who was bioengineered into an undead assassin, which was the final variable in an equation of everything going perfectly wrong.

    Chances are, Thodin would never have succeeded in stealing the Lexx even if his original plan had gone perfectly. Because everything went WRONG, the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes was swiped by a prisoner with a low grade security guard job, a love slave, a robot head, a cannibal, and a dead guy. None of them had a clue what they were doing and what was really going on. They had no plan to execute and no one to help them. They ultimately go on to fulfill the prophecy.

    Kai could have done none of this by himself, obviously.

    Onward. And back to the spiral symbol on the Time Prophet's hat. Headpiece. Whatever. This is a Lorenz attractor and if you want to know more you can click it to go to the wikipedia page it came from.


    Lexx fans have pretty big discussions about the Cycles of Time and everything beginning again and happening again. The following is a very well summarized look at the typical thoughts that pop into people's heads as they watch Lexx, from the Lexx Wiki.

    "What is not certain is how the interaction of the two universes affects the cycles of time as the Light Zone, after its Big Crunch, will presumably experience another Big Bang, resulting in a new universe. This could be considered to be a new cycle of time, but would not be a synchronised event with the Dark Zone, meaning events could not play out exactly as before. If the cycles of time are independent of the interactions of the two universes, then it is unclear when or how the cycles of time end and begin again.

    Another trail of thought is that the Light Zone cannot enter a big bang phase until the Dark Zone has collapsed. In such a case, both universes could theoretically begin at the same time, despite their endings being at different points in time."

    This is a real conundrum. Let me propose something different. Quantum chaos theory notes that something looping over and over will eventually go off course just because initial conditions aren't precisely met the same way at the beginning of each new loop. Because something is very slightly off, there is very slight change over many loops. Eventually something might change enough to be noticeable, but only if you skip across all the loops in between when you look at it. I think the Time Prophet's inability to see clearly into the cycles of time could plausibly be blamed on quantum chaos.

    Over a great deal of loops you wind up with a different pattern going on that might not look like the original loop at all (although in the Time Cycles philosophy there doesn't seem to be an original because time has been looping forever). I think this solves the next conundrum of the two universes getting out of synch. They may have originally looped together, but after all the big stuff that happens around the Lexx, this becomes impossible. If the loop synch becomes broken, can it even keep looping any more? What if the Cycles of Time could be broken into becoming a straight line that is no longer affected by all the loops that came before it? 

    Another thing that grabs my attention is His Shadow's obsession with Order. I'm sure the writers didn't intend this level of content analysis, but it would be very easy to plug bifurcation theory into the Cycles of Time and the time loops suddenly behaving very differently. Bifurcation theory notes that although a change might be very small, it could throw a dynamic system into a completely different trajectory or history of events. This is the straw that broke the camel's back, if you will. Or as Xev tells Prince in season three, the Lexx is not just a tiny grain of sand that will tip the balance in the war between Fire and Water, but a whole desert of sand.

    Case in point. Mantrid escapes his prison world and eventually collapses the Light Universe ~because~ the Lexx showed up in his life. If the Lexx had never traveled to Mantrid, the Light Universe would never have collapsed. That is the tiny change (very tiny in two whole universes) that completely tipped the Cycles of Time over from repeating, in my opinion. I don't think it's possible for them to repeat any more because there is no more reset back to the original starting point. This particular cycle of time that we are watching is the last of the repeating cycles. That's why THIS cycle of time is so important. These tiny little changes that added up over the cycles finally reach a climax level where just one more change breaks the ordered dynamic system down into chaos.

    His Shadow was obsessed with Order. Just saying. It's interesting that he created the very thing that brought about his demise. Actually, plans for the Lexx were stolen from the Ostral-B heretics to begin with, so whoever came up with the plans to bioengineer a weaponized space bug in the first place is the original grain of sand that would eventually foil the Cycles of Time. Because the only way out of the complete human genocide that His Shadow had planned was to tip the world upside down and break it apart. I'm sure they had no idea what was coming.

    If you've not seen Lexx or perhaps hadn't gotten to season four yet, or maybe just never thought about it that much, Earth is in the Dark Zone, in the same universe the Brunnen-G originated in many thousands of years before. If we do a little simple math, we can work our way backward and add up the 4000 years of stasis in the cryopods while the Lexx drifted, and the 5000 year gap where the Time Prophet spoke to the Brunnen-G citizen about Stan finding Kai in the Memory Catacombs, that is 9000 years. We also know Kai had been dead for 2000 years by the time they all met on the Lexx, and Brunnis 2 had been settled for awhile already before His Shadow blew it up, so Brunnis 2 was blown up 4000 + 2000 = 6000 years before Lexx arrived to Earth, and 3000 years before that Kai's people were still on Brunnis 1. Kai's people migrated from the Dark Zone to the Light Universe at least 7000 to 8000 years ago. Who knows how many times this had happened in the Cycles of Time before the Light Universe collapsed. I don't think Lexx was a part of the Cycles of Time for many, many loops. Incremental changes.

    If you don't like the quantum chaos theories flattening out the Cycles of Time, I have another plausible explanation for why the Time Prophet couldn't see very clearly into future past. According to holographic principal, what we think is the world around us is really a projection from a different dimensional location. Viewing future past events would be like looking into projected reflections. This can create an illusion of Cycles of Time when you see repeating reflections (this trick can be done with mirrors facing one another, or a camera taking a picture of you holding a picture of it in a mirror, you can really mangle your brain on this). Instead of events happening over and over exactly the same as before, as she says, they happen only once but are reflected to infinity, so it ~looks~ like time loops repeat themselves. In that case, the Cycles of Time are an illusion, but the Time Prophet still has the really cool gift of seeing all times as now.

    And if you don't like the Cycles of Time dissolving into illusion, just hold that thought, because I'm still working on a way that time looping could hold water in fiction fizzix. 

    I was probably still going more places with this, but it's gotten really long and I'm worn out. Time to move on.


  • Lexx- wallpapers, icons, pix

    This is a LEXX 'poster' page and will be updated any time I make something LEXX until it gets hard to load, then I'll make another post for more. All are made by me, hosted by me, and anyone has permission to direct link, just click the pix to get the address or grab for your own download. New ones will get stacked at the top. Thumbnails will click out to full size.
    I was named honorary "Snarkalec" several weeks ago and temporarily added to one of their member twitter lists after I hacked their logo onto Kai and joined in a live tweet Syfy watch party. Although I'm not an official member, here are a few links that are fun to check out. You can grab this pic with a highlight rollover for cut and paste.

    1-9-13  Arch Heretic

    12-27-12 Have a super sparkly day.


  • I Worship His Shadow- part 2- The Cluster

    This is part 2.
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    Images in this post click back to outside sources. Thumbnails will click to full size or back to source. :edit: I apologize, the server move broke the links on some of the pix, they're on my fixit list. Thanx for your patience.

    With our hero dead only 6 minutes into the movie, which way do we go? That's right, we skip forward 2000 years.

    The first thing we see is The Cluster filling the screen, the home planet to His Divine Shadow, and like it says, capital to the League of 20,000 Planets. Planet watchers may notice this particular planet is a chunk of rock, like an overgrown asteroid or moon, and the Cluster is carved into it and shielded with a ceiling built into the planet's surface. You're also going to notice several other things about The Cluster as the movie moves along- no green things growing anywhere, no open sky besides complete cloud or city cover, and no decor. The Cluster is pure form and function.

    The Cluster as Capital City is a sealed and highly monitored compound. These groups of buildings house the Lexx and a complex judicial system. The outer accessways of these rows of big pyramid styled buildings is worker housing for what look like prisoners.

    The first person we see sleeps in a tiny box, his only living quarters. He is awakened with propaganda and a computerized image sentences punishment for not reporting for work on time. Note that there is no volume knob or off switch, a scene very much like Big Brother on roids.

    "Only a thin dimensional barrier separates us from the festering evil, malignant depravity, and alien chaos of the Dark Zone. The Dark Zone is not separate like two different planets. The Dark Zone coexists in the same space as our universe, in the same place at the same time. The Dark Zone has no rules, no sense, no order. We give thanks to His Divine Shadow for his ceaseless vigilance, protecting our universe of Light and Order from the horrors and disorder of the Dark Zone. We worship His Shadow. Long may he reign."

    "Good morning. Security Guard Class 4, number 47632943, Department 511, Level 4. This is your third wake up call. If you are late, you will receive 7 demerits. You already have 991 demerits."

    A lot of other people seem to be going through the same thing. A whole lot of people sleep in nothing more than tiny little boxes and literally own nothing but the uniforms on their backs.

    Meanwhile, the same obnoxious computerized face, apparently used as an interface for all menial communications, kicks off a redirect alert in a prisoner transport bound for the Cluster. (By the way, nice visual pun, a face as an interface, not sure if that was intentional, but we later realize the weird macabre style doll face most certainly was an intentional slight against humans, once we see the extreme species prejudice in the fourth movie.)

    "Due to a bulkhead malfunction, Prisoner Transport 58K603, you are being diverted from Gate 417 Punishment Level 2, to Gate 511." All the numbers are read off individually, like five-one-one.

    It is never indicated or even hinted at, but I believe the audience is supposed to realize as the story unfolds that the bulkhead malfunction was a deliberately premanufactured plant by Heretics as part of a much bigger plot. Or it could just be that particular transport had such a famous guest on board that it was diverted directly over for entertainment purposes, but I don't think so, given the plan that was carried out. A lot of things happen in Lexx that are never explained, you either miss it or put the puzzle together on your own, which I feel is a compliment, the film makers assuming that we have brains and don't need to be spoon fed, like so many scifi shows feel the need to do.  Good editing does the work of explaining everything. winky 

    These guards are being awakened out of stasis while the prisoner transport is remotely rerouted into a different flight path among a whole flock of other prisoner transports. All prisoners wind up on the Cluster.

    (Incidentally, have you wondered yet why in the world it's called The Cluster? You can look up a definition for cluster and it all looks about right, or you can go a step further... hint- some insects cluster, and rows of egg follicles are called clusters. Season 2 will go into why this might be a better image.) (And if you are remembering that part 1 said the Brunnen G defeated the Insects in the Insect Wars, you get a star on your forehead.)

    My first question upon seeing the inside of the prisoner transports is how costly must it be to run all those small vessels from other planets with only a few prisoners in each one. Wouldn't a larger cargo ship carry them all more efficiently?

    Two things, slavery and psychology. Cost doesn't matter if you're running a spartan slave society, and keeping prisoners bolted to slabs and isolated into very small groups for processing kills hope and diminishes the success of subversive efforts for rescue.  At any rate, prisoner comfort and human rights aren't a consideration.


    "It's your day of justice, Thodin!"

    But still, this seems to be an overly elaborate way to handle prisoners. What is the point? *IS* there a point? Remember I asked this when you watch the fourth movie later.

    The prisoner transports are guided through an opening in the roof of the Cluster and over a sprawling metro complex, a mega city in perpetual darkness. I have thought so much about this city, a model society completely controlled by His Shadow. No creativity, no choice, no autonomy. No escape.  Model citizenry based on ratting out your fellow man, entertainment wrapped around a heinous judicial system, government as religion, sucking up to Big Brother, in this case, His Shadow.  If Orwell ever gave you the willies, Lexx will melt you in fear, especially when you think how close some of our own histories have come to stuff like this, or still could.

    One of the first things we see as the transports fly into the Cluster is the Lexx, housed in a huge hangar overlooking the city. The transports fly past Lexx and over a giant mega stadium to an even taller docking port. I'm not sure I can estimate how many stories high these constructions are, but they are massively impressive.

    A security guard with 991 demerits is almost late reporting to work at Department 511 Level 4. A prisoner transport has been diverted to Gate 511. This is Thodin's day of justice... 

    Ok, you have to imagine that last bit with my tongue so far in cheek that it's sticking out my ear.  You've NEVER seen a movie like this one.  I can't wait to start obsessing over part 3.

    This is part 2.
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  • Lexx 1: I Worship His Shadow, part one

    This is part 1.
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    "I am Kai, last of the Brunnen G.   Millenia ago, the Brunnen G led humanity to victory in the war against the Insect Civilization.  The Time Prophet predicted that I would be the one to destroy the Divine Order in the League of 20,000 Planets.  Someday, that will happen.  But not today, because today is my day of death- the day our story begins."

    There is no way I can cover the whole first movie with the screen shots I want to highlight, so I'm breaking "I Worship His Shadow" down into several posts.

    Images in this post click back to original sources.  Some images are thumbnailed for loading convenience, they will click back to original source or to full size if it's mine.  I still want to add a little more detail (in some shots the characters might be blurry, but the Insect tech will be more sharp, etc), so I am doing what any fan on the planet can do, I am using my Nikon Coolpix 10X wide FullHD camera to take pix of my Vizio 1080P FullHD TV screen and clipping them down so we can see some really cool stuff (so yeah, you'll see the pause button in some of them).  I'm also running my dvd through the blu-ray.  My only frustration is the room lighting and screen reflections, but overall, I'm pretty satisfied with what I'm doing.  I have equipment, but I like to play.  As fans or as film students, The Lexx series is well worth the extra study because it's so different, fresh, and timeless.  It's incredible what you see frame advancing on pause, because this show sometimes goes so fast, and they don't slow down and explain anything.

    Ok, sorry, back to I Worship His Shadow.

    We open with a battle scene as a few warriors leave Brunnis 2 to take on His Shadow's planet killer, the Foreshadow.  We get more details later in season two's episode "Brigadoon".

    The Brunnen G have Insect technology, but it's never disclosed throughout the series where they got it from or how long they've had it.  All we know in the beginning is that they are an ancient race of romantic dreamers.


    Kai is in command of the tiny squadron, and is the only one to evade annihilation and make his way to the Foreshadow's control pod, while Brunnis 2 burns in death throes behind him.

    In a last ditch move, Kai ducks through the power grid and follows one of the Foreshadow's main arms to the central command deck.  This is a very quick but very detailed scene, well worth the frame advance so you can catch his strategy and all the detail along that arm.

    You can see the command center (the control pod Kai is talking about) is at the heart of the Foreshadow and facing toward the planet it is destroying.

    The collision is horrific, and the control pod is, indeed, smashed open to space, the Insect gunner that Kai is piloting shears into pieces and lands upside down, skidding through shards and fire, and Kai is violently thrown out at His Shadow's feet while the control pod shields automatically close to seal off the venting atmosphere and stabilizes the command center.


    Although Kai's body is broken and he can't move, he remains defiant with his last ragged breaths.

    Kai: His Shadow.
    HS: His Divine Shadow, yes.
    Kai: The Brunnen G will defeat you.
    HS: I don't think so.  The power of Order has destroyed your planet.  The power of Order will destroy you, and you were the last of the Brunnen G left alive.
    Kai: The Time Prophet has seen your Order destroyed by the Brunnen G.
    HS: The Time Prophet's vision appears to be flawed.

    His Shadow draws a curved dagger and slips it into Kai's body.

    Then His Shadow takes Kai's memories.

    "This last specimen of the now extinct culture of romantic dreamers merits punishment beyond death.  Transport it to the bioscholars."  This Cluster symbol is a big deal, and you find out what it represents in the fourth movie.

    And then His Shadow finds it curious that Kai's shattered ship was an Insect.

    What does it all mean?  Where can it go from here?  The hero is already dead!  The bad guy won only 6 minutes into the movie!

    This is part 1.
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