• Lexx is not dead

    Apologies for the long wait in between new stuffs. Been a little busy juggling chainsaws, but I think that part might be getting easier soon.

    Quick laud to the Xanga team for the insanely intense update work they've done on this relaunch. I've been having spam problems with one post in particular, and now I've got some awesome tools to use. I regret locking comments down, but they'll no longer be open after 10 days, no longer allow pingbacks, and will be heavily moderated. After deleting several thousands of illegal medication link comments coming straight from an uncontrolled plague swarming around Wormhole Riders (NOT going to link that), I can safely say I will never promote that site again in any shape or fashion. I'm far from being a professional site, but I apparently have more stringent standards with my site maintenance.

    Still waiting patiently for internal stats to come back up. Experimenting with a new stat counter in the meantime, already finding flaws with it. My truest real time stats used to be from Xanga. That being said, hello to those of you I can see stopping by.

    I keep running into people on twitter and tumblr and other media who are not aware that Lexx is now available at very reasonable prices through retail stores like Target (currently on back order). Most big retail chains have dotcoms that allow you to have them ordered to the store and held for you if they don't have Lexx on the shelf when you visit. Or even better, stream or order them from Amazon. Up until Echo Bridge Entertainment collected Lexx into a marketing package in the U.S., used Lexx was very expensive and hard to find. I know this because I had local gaming stores scour their computer inventories over several states. I was fortunate, jumped on ordering the original Salter Street version just before they sold the company, and I paid a pretty price. I have run into a few fans in other countries who tell me their original edits are a little different than the U.S. version, and now the re-edited package is a little more different still. If you want Lexx at all, now is the time to grab it.

    I hope everyone is ok out there and Lexxy things are happening for you. Let's have a good year.

  • Saving Mr.s Thompson- the secrets

    Some of you love my silly surveys, others love my Lexx posts. Now you can love my kid's new book, SAVING MR.s THOMPSON, available now online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Xlibris. Also available in the UK.

    My favorite part- the secrets...
  • John Deakins- Barrow

    Was rummaging around a picture folder and ran right into this one, me in my youngers days with John Deakins, author of the Barrow series.  Yours truly in my 20's.

    I wrote another post back in 2008 on another blog, the Barrow series- John Deakins, and was friended with him on facebook till I deleted my old facebook.  I'm a terrible person and fell out of contact, even though we don't live that far apart. In fact, this blog is named after a Chinese restaurant in his town, isn't that funny? laughing 

    Anyway, one of those nolstalgic mornings. His son writes music, which I quite enjoy. Mysty Blue Productions 


  • Saving Mr.s Thompson

    This is one of the most attention grabbing titles I've ever seen, you don't often see Mr. as a plural. More than one Mr. Thompson? What are they being saved from? A modern soul searcher with a little more grit than the mainstream reader is willing to take on, perhaps, or even keeps a secret...


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