• I Worship His Shadow- part 6- The Big Bug

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    I suppose I should put a caution up- you're about to see a really graphic bloody scene from a tv movie called Lexx: I Worship His Shadow. There is a 'basic guidance' age rating up on this post, but unless you're really into stuff like Walking Dead, maybe you should close your eyes until you get to the end.

    Stanley's day has been sucking since we left him. Seriously, having to turn yourself in to a detention center for punishment on the Cluster is NOT something you can console yourself over a bottle of beer later, and Stan is locked up in a sickening dread bordering on a headache and sour stomach. No more silly pot shots to pass the time, how to make time stop now is the big question.

    Notice the robot is now facing the disembarking prisoners. Well, I say that like they can actually step out, but they're still bolted to those heavy slabs and being moved along on a rail like an assembly line.

    I wonder what these robots actually do. Poor Stan....

    Can you imagine being moved around like that? No telling how long those prisoners have been bolted to those slabs, and I bet they haven't had a drink or bite or been to the restroom in many hours. One old guy recognizes Stanley. "You! I know you! Stanley Tweedle!", and starts calling out, "It's him! Stanley Tweedle!" Stanley starts sinking down in his chair, one of those weird omg nighmare moments on top of an already very bad day.

    But while the old prisoner is still calling out Stanley's name, a bolt breaks loose and his slab tips off and heavily bumps the other slabs around it (that would suck, you think someone kicking a seat behind you is bad) before it slams down to the floor and squashes him like a *bug*. (Ironic....) I would love to take a guess in a contest over how much those slabs must weigh to make that kind of splat, and I can't help thinking that even just mentioning the name Stanley Tweedle must be synonymous with cosmic bad luck. I wonder who that old guy was calling out to. Would the other prisoners know or care at this point who Stanley Tweedle is? Apparently someone does and yells out "Traitor!" while Stanley hides behind his desk. Seems they're taking Stanley kind of personally for some reason.

    That scene intrigues me. Stan isn't happy at all that someone recognizes him and knows who he is after years of being a prisoner stuck on the Cluster. These prisoners are being carted away to unknown fates, why would Stanley be mortified enough to actually get down and hide? He must have done something ~really~ bad. We find out later he's pretty famous.

    We don't see how far the slabs get railed into the docking center, but prisoner processing is efficient and quick. And we never find out what the person in blue is all about, but I love that outfit.

    Woe to humans the day they develop a holographic court system run through an automatic computer program. Oh, wait, that's happening.... They get the equivalent of a court appointed attorney, a prosecuting attorney, and a judge who passes sentence, all holograms running on preset programs. I'm not sure why bother is even made over protocol, unless it's to pound home the humiliating and very terrifying inhumanity of the ordeal, like layer after layer of nightmarish theatrics. Argon Protopi, Pie Maker is first up. As his slab rolls into place, the hologram program comes up and one of the robots starts dialing on a machine. It's freaky that the robot has human arms, but not a human head.

    An elaborate headgear assembly lowers and clamps onto Argon Protopi's head. There's a nasty looking red stained spike thing aimed at his right parietal lobe. The slab locks into place with a jolt and Argon Protopi can't so much as nod his head. The defense argument starts immediately without preamble. "My client", and here another automated voice says his name, like it's filling in the blank -Argon Protopi, Pie Maker, Class 2, Orbital 5- "is innocent of the charge of" insert glitch and accusation from a preprogrammed list "failing to pay money owed to the temple and throws himself upon the mercy of this court, secure in the knowledge that His Shadow's wisdom will prevail upon these proceedings." And here the robot presses a button with his thumb and the spike jabs into Argon's brain. I'm not sure if it's a mechanical voice from the robot or the machine he's working, but we hear "memory search commencing".

    A screen hooked up to the memory search gear starts showing blips of scenes that look vaguely like Argon may have been involved with some temple prostitutes, but as it digs deeper into his memories, he cringes and clenches down into his immovable slab, obviously in some kind of weird sickening pain. Whatever that spiky probe is created to do, one thing it seems to be good at is using radio signals to forcibly prompt the brain to show specific memories that will reinforce whatever accusation is made, because the next thing we see on the screen is Argon refusing to give money to temple clerics begging for alms. I can't think of a more convenient and successful self incriminating method to run people through a 100% guilty judicial racket, because the human brain naturally focuses in on the very thing that will get it killed, especially when prompted with a suggestion. And if that's all it takes to get you removed from society and whisked off across a galaxy to this hellhole...

    The judge immediately finds Argon guilty and adds "You are therefore sentenced to have your individual life terminated; however, His Merciful Shadow will allow many of your vital organs to live on as components used in the making of robotic drones." Argon has started sputtering and whimpering as the judge goes on. "Your unusable flesh will be contributed to the Protein Bay where it will be recycled for purposes that serve His Shadow." Poor Argon is rolling his eyes around to the frozen defense attorney still smiling at him.

    The robot flips a switch, the rail switches to a different track, and Argon's slab turns and rolls toward a wall with patterns cut into it. His fear consumes him and he starts screaming, "You can have whatever you want! I'll pay! I'll pay!" As his slab moves away and the next prisoner advances into place, his defense attorney turns into a hologram of a Divine Cleric that quickly says "In the execution of this sentence you are hereby cleansed of your crimes against the League of 20,000 Planets. May His Merciful Shadow fall upon you."

    As Argon's slab approaches the wall with the die cuts, rotary blades snap out from the grooves and start whirring and moving along their tracks, which are in the familiar shapes of human organs. Just before he reaches the wall, two robots monitoring his progress salute him, saying "I worship His Shadow."

    His slab presses against the die cuts, he screams as a bowl with two nozzles of spraying water moves into place, and the prisoner next in line gets caught in the face with a spray of Argon's blood escaping through a gap around the slab. If she'd been able, I think she would have thrown up, but she was already too starving and exhausted from being on her slab so long. The way she looked and sounded when that happened made me feel really bad for her, because you know she knows she's next.

    It kinda hits you that this woman is his only connection to anything human during his horrible death, and she suffers through it with the kind of anguish only humans feel in such brief moments of terrifying clarity and sickening horror. I think her face perfectly captures the human condition that philosophers go on about, caught up in the absurdity of being in a place of utter hopelessness. George Orwell's Big Brother is starting to look pretty good, isn't he? Like rainbows and kittens compared to His Shadow's rule over the League of 20,000.

    Argon has already stopped screaming and his brain plops out into the bowl. After the bowl with Argon's brain moves away, a big plastic sack moves into its place and the rest of his organs fall into it as the razors keep cutting. We never see where the rest of his body goes, limbs and spine. The bag gets sealed and dumped down a chute to fall onto a conveyor to join more packages... Wait, a conveyor??

    Which is alongside other conveyors...

    ..which are alongside other conveyors...

    ..all streaming packages filled with what is presumably freshly removed tissue from other prisoners all over the docking center, which means this is being carried out continually by the hundreds of prisoners per hour, maybe even thousands. How do you measure something like that? Where do they get all those people? What in the world are they being harvested for? Because that's what this is- a harvest.

    O!M!G!  It's. a. big. bug.  *Big*I would faint if I saw that in real life.

    The handful of you that have read through my survey blog and know I can't do bloody scenes in shows any more are going wtf, but it's ok, I'm immune to this one because I watched it so many times back when it was new. And I want to congratulate you, you've made it through the sickest part, and everything else from here out is a piece of cake. I could be lying. But maybe I'm not. Or I might be. It's hard to tell.

    I just can't imagine what the crap any of this might have to do with Stanley Tweedle...

    If you are getting interested and I'm moving too slowly, The cult sci-fi series LEXX comes home - Dallas TV | says All four seasons are now available through Echo Bridge Entertainment. For more information head over to I'm not being paid to link that, I just love this show.

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  • I Worship His Shadow- part 4- His Divine Shadow

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    Meanwhile, deep in the Cluster, the Divine Clerics are freaking out, rushing a gross looking old guy to a weird inner sanctum.

    I'm sure, in retrospect, the Ostral B heretics coming up later had no clue they'd be timing their incursion with His Shadow's direst setback in many decades. I know, I'm hashing up future past tense like crazy, but it works, so just go with it and notice that this inner sanctum is rife with symbolism. Please also note the upper ceiling stories above them and remember that when you see the fourth movie. Anything and everything that looks circular and segmented is important.

    "Faster, we're losing him!"

    Inside the sanctum, a prisoner is waiting. He's been made comfortable and the atmosphere is pleasant and jolly. Not! The guy is tied so thoroughly that you wonder what in the world could he possibly do or has done, and what is the tube in his mouth for??? Yeah, you can see he's wondering the same thing himself, his eyes are bugging like he's seeing ghosts, but what he sees are some tools you haven't seen yet. It's not helping his mood one bit that he's being prepped for a lobotomy. He struggles with all his might when he sees the Clerics rush in, to no avail. "The sedative!" "No time!"

    Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


    Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

    You're having a *really* bad day when you get a lobotomy with no sedative. That looks like it hurts, and the prisoner thrashes so hard that one of his arms rips free and knocks a Cleric off balance, giving him a dose of his own electrocution. That Cleric is quickly replaced with another.

    Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

    This time it works.

    Time is of the essence, though, and just because the lobotomy works doesn't mean the Clerics properly finish.

    Ok, what just happened?! And why??? We'll get to that in a minute. Right now I'm intrigued by these priest looking guys. The Divine Clerics all wear hooded robes of purple and netting on their faces to look shadowy, in keeping with the theme of His Divine Shadow. I've noticed the only vibrant red you ever see is on His Shadow's robe in the linings, so I wonder how far we can carry the symbolism, like fresh blood is red, old blood in a bruise is purple, the Clerics wear purple... Death overshadows the human race, basically. Note the Cluster symbols on their robes, you'll see those all over the place as the movie progresses. In all these scenes, especially if you are watching live, you notice a LOT of shadows lying across everything. There is no clear lighting source, and shadows move around from every direction almost like they're alive as light flickers or gets blocked. If YOU were tied up in there like that prisoner, you'd be terrified enough, but now it's time to see what that prisoner was able to see...

    Ok, unpausing- This time it works, cool pix, yada yada, ah, here we are. Time is of the essence, though, and just because the lobotomy works doesn't mean the Clerics properly finish.

    "He fought well." "A truly vicious human being." "He will prove to be a good host." Wo, wait a minute. Host? Human being? The Clerics say it as though they represent something apart from humans.

    It's hard not to notice throughout I Worship His Shadow how much societal structure revolves around the constant moving around and processing of prisoners. It seems there is an endless supply of humans to make nearly pointless examples of or use in a variety of ways, and in the end, all wind up as useful additions to the protein bay. But how about the prisoner that His Shadow uses as a host body? We never find out who he is or was, what his story was about. We only see the horrible end for him, after obviously being mishandled and abused. Why was he chosen? Later on we see he's not even as tall as Kai, and he winds up being completely enrobed, so he wasn't chosen for any particular physical features that we can tell. I think he is chosen because he's fighting fit, and his body will be able to withstand a long occupation of whatever wear and tear His Shadow puts it through.  I would also add that he chose it for irony, but His Shadow doesn't appear to care about making the point of mocking, as some evil villains would (at least not very well), as much as simply just efficiently using.  His mindset is very different.

    "The second vac!" "We do not have time, one will have to do." "But he may not be fully cleansed!" "We will have to risk it."

    I think priests probably argue like that everywhere you find them, but in this case, they really don't have time (don't let the still fool you, they were constantly moving), and they do have to risk it. Risk what? Protocol is a hard rule with them, procedure was set up millennia ago to ensure the continuity of His Divine Shadow's societal rule over the League of 20,000 Planets. Surely they don't mean...

    The prisoner's frame is tipped forward while the crusty old gross guy is moved underneath him. More like, their faces are kind of lined up, and now we see what that tube was all about.

    "Divine Shadow, you must perform the Kiss. Divine Shadow, the Kiss."

    And then the old crust goes into a spasm and wheezes out this purple... essence?

     And then the old body lets go and presumably dies. Suddenly all is calm, the Clerics wheel the body over and raise the new host up, and as this new host slowly regains consciousness and looks blandly on, the Clerics prep the old body for a new procedure. It isn't pretty. Cover your eyes...

    Oh, and cover your ears. After the old host's head is reverentially exposed, the next sound you hear is like a nightmare from a dentist's chair.

    An odd little pedestal with tubes in a little case is rolled forward, a tool is handed over, and a nasty whining sound begins.... Then another tool is handed over and you get an icky sucking sound.

    These are teaser scenes, you really don't see what he's doing until in a minute.

    This guy can see everything the Cleric is doing.

    Yep, *gag*, it's the old guy's brain...

    For those of you who get the creeps watching this kind of stuff and might suddenly feel your brain has a precarious hold on existence, don't worry, they really don't just pop out that easily. I do like that sucking noise, though, that was real cute. But the rest is realistic enough, especially the steam. As soon as I saw the steam coming off the brain, I felt like the room they are in must be a little bit cold.

    Why in the world did the Cleric take the old brain out? It seems they've got quite a collection going, and this is how they collect them over a very long period of time. Every brain they save has once been a host to His Divine Shadow, who never really dies. It's a mystery how simply plugging it into that little case is going to preserve it, but we find out how preservation is done later.

    This next part fascinated me. If you watch closely, the Clerics make the Cluster symbol with their hands as they are saluting the brain before they send it up to the others on its pedestal.

    Taking a big risk at the very last minute just in the nick of time... I wonder why they waited so long in the first place. Surely they didn't get caught by surprise, but alas, that is one thing we just never find out. Can't wait to see what His Shadow does with his new brain. shocked 


    The guy playing the prisoner (the Bound Man) is Lex Gigeroff. He wrote some of the shows and guested in several of them, as well. If you would like to leave a message, there is a Lex Gigeroff Memorial on facebook.

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  • The Nerdist Way

    Chris Hardwick was right. It's working.  

    I picked up Chris Hardwick's book The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (In Real Life) after a 3-month hold from my local library. It wasn't that I was cheap or lazy, more like treading a river of medical challenge and debt after I flipped my canoe over and watched my cooler and gear go floating away. Ok, metaphorically. I finally admitted I could no longer fake keeping a job and spent a year at home trying to convince myself I could hold it together while I watched my life crumble away.

    Quick note on medical challenges- your doctor is not there to hand your life back to you. I clearly wasn't going to snap back and realized I need to form a team. At my request, my doctor referred me to a psychologist in the building, and out of very real desperation I found a good chiropractor who actually uses assessment and progression tools to design a 3-month program. I spent another year pursuing the overall ultimate goals of being able to walk without meds and take care of myself without assistance, and also to learn to communicate better so neither my time nor my doctors' times would be wasted, which is really easy to do when you're as socially deficit as I am.

    I was able to get only so far with that and stalled out. I had been living with (and up to the point of quitting work had been able to successfully hide) several spinal injuries and severe fibromyalgia on top of occipital nerve damage and all the glorious anxiety Asperger's brings when my world toppled. I reached a functioning-around-the-house point and hit a brick wall. I kept treading that dang river thinking I couldn't last and would eventually let go and float away with the metaphorical cooler. My ultimate goals turned into ultimate irony as I went through another incredibly long and stupid illness and started developing allergies left and right to all kinds of medications. I wound up having to get off them *anyway* and fly solo.

    It's a hard thing facing a dark life of pain and dysfunction while you sit home alone all day, day after day, way out of town and not much more distraction than a television set and a computer. Fortunately, the library sent me an email saying The Nerdist Way was ready for pickup...

    I have to admit, at that point, I didn't envision that book meaning much more to me than a little light entertainment from the Web Soup guy on G4. I didn't know another soul who watched G4, but that channel had become a staple, a lifeline back to the real world full of busy people doing cool things- E3, Comic Con, gaming, mocking the lesser brained. Web Soup was something Scott would watch with me after work, except he had to close his eyes during the Things You Can't Unsee segments. Booya!

    Chris had me at the loving dedication. He owned me with the introduction. But the rest of the book is changing my life.

    He figured it out. Chris Hardwick actually figured out how to bridge the yawning chasm between getting completely stuck in a robotic logic loop and stepping back into a linear forward progression. My whole life had stalled out, kind of like a huge writer's block. No more good ideas were coming to me, I couldn't solve my problems from where I was stuck. I basically had full blown *life block*. I thought I would be stuck in a semi functional disability state forever. The doctors couldn't do anything else for me unless I opted for spinal surgeries. The psychologist helped me tread water to a metaphorical rock, but I was still stuck on the river without a metaphorical canoe to paddle. The chiropractor could only do so much, the rest is up to me. But what do I do? How do I start?

    The first chapter was about what an awesome brain I have. I know! I really do have an awesome brain! But it's stuck! What do I do, Chris?

    And Chris said, Design your game and RPG your life.

     photo shock.gif You mean, actually do all the FUN stuff I love so much? But, but, that's... a waste of time! (So many people have told me that.) No, it's not! Chris said. Then he said a lot of cool stuff about how I'm a natural gamer, and I believe him, because it's TRUE. It's like he was reading my mind. I got spooky arm hair bumps. (I really did.) He even told me to inventory my weapons. *wow* No one has ever swooned the evil villain in me before. But Chris KNOWS. He UNDERSTANDS.

    So I started floating around the house feeling really good about myself for the first time in several years. So I'm a dysfunctional crip, so what, I can FIX THIS. Chris actually broke it down into cheerful cheesy little steps and had me following the trail like a leprechaun following little golden cheerios.

    You did what he said? ME TOO! Yes, I actually went out and bought some really cool spirals and colored pens and stickers! And footies, because footies are cool, too.

    Scott says they're labels. He prints tape that ships nationwide, and he is really old school about the product. I nyahed him and pointed to the word "stickers" on the package, right next to the word "autocollants". They're funner if they're stickers, so that's what I got.

    That was the beginning of a complete turnaround. I know, sounds ludicrous, right? I didn't really believe it at first, either. I was just grabbing onto the permission someone had finally given me to love the nerdy self that I am. But it wasn't long before I realized I actually was doing it, making decisions and finding more metaphorical rocks to step over to get out of that river. Why even worry about where I'll get another metaphorical canoe when I can rewrite my game and *fly* to where I want to go?

    I set all new goals. I want to get off disability, and I want to do it my way. Maybe I can't go back to a regular job, but I can create and do my own work. And everything I do now is work. What I do with my time IS my job. And I really really love my job.

    Chapter by chapter, months after that book went back to the library, I've been following the same path Chris laid out. The guy said some magical things about his anxiety that suddenly made my anxiety ok. (I showed his book to my psychologist at that point, and he wrote down the title.) Then Chris said magical stuff about body building. Wait, whaaa? Nerds and evil villains need core strength and getting a personal trainer is cool?

    You would be surprised how easy it is to get into physical therapy and actually have a one on one person to get you started. If your health care package (insurance, medicare, whatever) has PT in the plan, I highly recommend taking advantage of it. Chris is right, there is nothing like a real person with a real schedule taking an interest in how you properly move and function and improve several times a week for a month. I've gotten some really useful tips and instructions on how to get more accomplished at home. And after PT it was much easier to continue with a related fitness center than to simply join a gym. My therapist took me on a tour of the fitness center to get me started, and I'm thrilled I have a good reason to get out of the house now. Far too long the reasons have been tinged with negative connections to my limitations, now the reason is because I'm getting BETTER.

    Sitting around waiting for everything to magically fix itself while I heal from illness and injury just doesn't work. What I had been missing was how to make a Plan. I know what I want, I just didn't know how to go about getting it, or how to ask for help beyond the basics. And how can a person ask for help without being able to clearly state what their needs really are? Chris broke it down into nerd speak, and it all made sense where other self help attempts have failed.

    From my private blog on Sunday, February 19, 2012

    "If you can develop the ability to get through stuff that you don't feel like doing and come out of it stronger, how could you not become a force of nature?" --Chris Hardwick

    Two things are super impressing me about Chris Hardwick's books. 1) His wicked anxiety attacks are worse than mine ever were. And 2) he lived with excruciating pain from a spinal injury incurred in his lower back during an accident. He KNOWS the hell I've lived through. And his brain works like MINE. He says us nerds all use our brains the same way, and our biggest obstacle (our nerdism) is also our biggest asset, but we have to retrain our brains. I've already come to some of the same conclusions as he has about things in life, getting through stuff, but he has such a gift for organizing and saying it succinctly. Wow.

    So I have some direction now. I never meant to be reading a self help book especially tailored to *moi*, it was pure accident because I had no clue what this book was, but I don't feel so chumpy about feeling stalled out now. All I have to do is turn my horizon a little bit and get a different view and then work on incremental changes again. Which I am very familiar with, especially with the xanax taper and weight loss, but just didn't see a direction to go in this time.

    That was not quite 8 months ago. In 8 months I have accomplished more than in the last 5 years. There is a lot more in that book, and every bit of it is doing me good. It is really hard to find your motivation and keep up momentum when you are so way down you cling to a metaphorical rock, but Chris got my attention and teased me right out of that funk, and now watch me fly...

    I just want to say, Thank you, Chris Hardwick, for writing The Nerdist Way. You have done for me what no other person on this planet could do when I needed it the most. I have a way to deal now, I have a direction, and my brain thanks you for getting me off its metaphorical butt.


    :edit: 10-25-12 Ok, here is new stuff. I'm noticing noobs at the fitness center diving in without any guidance, and I just wanna say ~please~ don't do like this chick in an excerpt from my private blog last week- again, please be warned it's a private blog for a *reason*-

    "I did the recumbent nustep machine two days in a row since I was in town both days, and boy can I feel it in my thighs. That machine looks like a waste of time, especially on as low a setting as I have it, but it really does make your muscles work, even if you can't feel it at the time. 'Low impact'. Yeah, I'm on the brink of a low impact charley horse in my thigh, whee. Fun with fibro. There was a big chick beside me on a recumbent elliptical who was pedaling like a bat outa hell, her fat was flapping madly in the breeze, and then she moved to other machines and worked the crap out like get the hell outa my body ye globular lipid demons, and a tech even came over and cautioned her to slow down. Bet she's feeling it *now*... Bet she can't even move this morning. Bet she hates exercise and hates the world and seethes right over to a carb load to justify all the suffering she's going through today."

    THAT is why it's important to start with a personal trainer, like Chris says. I haven't seen that woman again, and it's possible she really did hurt herself, she was practically Jackie Chan all over those machines. That is NOT how you tackle getting your stuff back in order. Follow Chris's advice, incremental steps, take your time, the goal is future self having mobility, not becoming a barbie or a dude. I can't say enough how motivating that part of the book was for me, because *nothing* else I've ever read has kept me at it this long. CHRIS KNOWS. Trust the Nerdist, the Nerdist is good. And he says it so nerdily cool, even if you don't do it, at least just read it.

    Like this post? This story continues at Team Nerd. Click the pic to get the book.



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My first tracker was installed in 2004 and broke several times before moving to a new server, which lost a few months of stats, and then Xanga moved to new servers and I lost more stats for more months before the page came back up, so I've lost a total of about two years' worth of stats. The second was installed 2-22-14 and is considered very conservative by business owners who use analytics, which itself is very conservative, estimates being that roughly one third to one half of hits by real live people aren't even counted, most likely due to javascript discrepancies. Actual hits on several posts here are in the thousands now, and the Lexx Index in the ten thousands. I've got pingbacks turned off, so spam isn't counted at all within the Xanga internal tracker, and most direct post hits can be correlated to my real time linking activity on twitter and other social media. When I did Google Analytics beta testing I got to see how search engine performance compares to tracking. I believe live feed linking sources to various social medias are key to a future where search engines are more about performance than cataloging, which has been confirmed to me by coders who create bot algorithms as I was beta testing I've fought hard through redundant age-old stacks to make my way to the google front lines again, so my Lexx work shows up faster on Chrome searches now. This has been a really interesting ride. At any rate, my point is, I can still go back 6 years on my original tracker and I can still see that in 2013 just before the last big blog server move, I was getting traffic like this (and since then, the tracker may have been abandoned, we can't tell). Click the thumbnail to see full size.

My original tracker also still lets me see the latest 500 visitors on a map. I once counted over 80 countries among the total visits. You guys are not alone. Click the map to see it better.

Besides Lexx, the most common search phrases that bring new visitors here are variations on 'huge spaceship'. The most seen post from a phrase search is How Big is the Lexx? My biggest Lexx referrer is Lexx Domain. Most of page views per person count comes from the Lexx tag on Tumblr. Visitors who stay the longest come through URLOpener and are pinged through the Google translator server in Mountain View, CA.

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