January 5, 2013

  • Group LEXX watch twitter party


    The website owner of SF Series and Movies based in the Netherlands (SFSeries&Movies (SFSeriesMovies) on Twitter) alerted me to the website owner of SyFyDesigns.com based in Chicago (myke (ekym) on Twitter) hosting a poll for a group Lexx watch twitter party. If you are not yet 'hip to the groove', these are live chat parties during a prechosen tv show or movie that everyone watches at the same time and are all the rage. Even if you don't have a twitter account, you can watch the chat party live by following a preset hashtag feed, i.e. if it's called #LexxWatch or something. (It'll be tricky to make it an easy to follow hashtag, there are thousands of users on twitter using and tweeting "Lexx" continually, so we'll need to fine tune our hashtag feed.)

    Ignore that date on the poll, it's been moved up. :edit: 1-10-13 This watch party is being rescheduled to the next weekend around the 19th or something, pending playoff schedules.
    If you would like to get involved and take the poll, go to http://www.syfydesigns.com/showthread.php?332-Watch-an-Episode-of-LEXX-what-one and vote. If you have a twitter account and want in on my 'watchdog' list, let me know PinkyGuerrero (PinkyGuerrero) on Twitter. If you don't have a twitter account, watch my feed at http://twitter.com/pinkyguerrero and I'll let you know how to follow the hashtag feed that we get going.
    At this moment we're tentatively looking at the 12th the 19th of January, not sure about the time yet. If I know anything else before then I'll add an edit and linx to where you can watch Lexx with us if you don't own the dvds.
    :edit: Ok, that was fast, there's a countdown clock now on the Lexx poll thread, and the hashtag is #LexxWatch2013 if you want to join in or watch live.

    :edit: 1-9-13 Here are a few links to help you get ready for a Lexx Watch. I'm also seeing used Lexx being recycled once in awhile through our local gamers paradise. I own the original Salter Street edits, and I'm finding out that marketing between regions 1 and 2 have a few different scene edits, and the new rereleases have some music and scene edits. Lexx is its own cult thing, and very much alive despite the scattered marketing and lack of official website. Syfy.com in the U.S. used to keep a page and message board for Lexx since it was a 'Sci-Fi Original' for Friday Prime, but that's all gone now, alas. It's up to the fans to keep Lexxing till someone can get their hands on it, and I know of at least 3 different sets of media people who have tried and are still working on acquisition so they can get projects rolling. We can dream.

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  • Has anyone seen the Always Sunny in Philadelphia ep where the gang gets shooshed? I just wanna say how weird it was, after moderating onelist groups for Sliders and Xena, a couple of rowdy message boards, and doing twitter watch parties over the last 6 months while I live stream Merlin with fans from all over the world, that I got shooshed during a trial Lexx watch party for ~spoilers~ and flooding the feed of ONE new follower who, frankly, has super flooded my connections feed by incorporating my twitter name into her group ever since following me. I just want to say how much progress I've made in my psychologist's office with my social interaction and communications skills, being on the autism spectrum and very obviously obsessed with a few things, and put this into a little context- Wil Wheaton has over 2 million followers on twitter, and he yaps continually about brewing homemade beer and cleaning out his garage and posting pix of his dogs and cat every hour, but do I shoosh him? No, I relegate him to a LIST so that I can avoid looking at my heavy feed full of the hundreds of people that I follow and can peruse the list he's in at my leisure. I have less than 200 followers, none of whom have EVER complained about me flooding their feed (I'm followed by Xander Bennett, people, there's beautiful irony in this), I rarely tweet more than ten times a day if that much, and someone who tweets all day long shooshes me because I am watching a nearly 20 year old movie without her.

    I have said in my bluejacky profile that I'm not online to make friends (no offense, that doesn't mean I hate people, I just don't have the social skills for it), and I will pretty much do with my blogs and other accounts as I please. Fans around the planet come back regularly for Lexx, and I gained a new follower lurking around on twitter tonight just because of the trial watch party. I want to say to this new follower that it was really too bad she missed the 12-hour Merlin marathon last Friday, I put nearly 200 tweets out that day interacting with fans from several countries. THIS IS WHAT I DO. If you like what I'm doing and decide to follow me on twitter, awesome, but do so knowing that once in awhile I'll be flooding your feed with fandom stuff, and you need to list up your feed if you can't handle that. The watch party itself was someone else's idea and I was invited, it's not like I have to do it, and I could be doing it on my own but I'm busy with other stuff, so this is kind of an experiment. I love watching fandoms on twitter, I'm actually very good at it, but I didn't build all my stuff to get friend votes and smiley stickers. I do this for *me*.

    Again, I just want to say, Xander Bennett has never complained or unfollowed me. Neither has Jessica Gottlieb, James Kahn, or Jenny Lawson. And 3 of those people followed me first, I just followed them back. If you haven't seen that Sunny in Philly shoosh ep, go do it, it's gold.

  • @SFSeriesandMovies - Hey, you haven't complained, either. haha Sorry so wordy up there, I sound meaner than real life. In real life I give people cookies.

    As far as I can tell, we've got a few ~really~ excited fans ready to DO this, even during playoffs, so I guess it's still a go. And really, all you people out there, I'm totally open to feedback. I have a lot of practice taking criticism, constructive criticism, and all kinds of advice, and I need it because I really am ASD. I don't realize sometimes how blunt I look and sound, I've been practicing at being more flexible with my interaction, and since this is Myke's idea that I'm aggressively running away with, I'm going to relax and have a good time with it. Don't let me get too bossy when I get excited.

    I did not realize how well that trial watch party went, by the way. I got ten new followers from that, most of them solid reputable businesses and authors. I didn't start my twitter account to play a numbers game, and I don't actively seek out others just to get follow backs (my myspace still has only one friend on it, Kevin Smith. Yes, THAT Kevin Smith), but I do get some pretty interesting lurkers. There are a lot more LEXX fans out there than you might think, and they lurk for a reason. I'm cool with that. If you happen across a Lexx watch party and want in, just join in and hashtag along with us, and if you start crap we'll just stick a carrot in you. If you don't know what that means, you need to start watching Lexx *right now*.


  • UPDATE- So far it's looking like the 19th.

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