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    Ok kids, time to start rocking Lexx again. I let this blog stall out last May for the impending Xanga relaunch, the server move finally started on September 1st, and after going through the shock of watching everything I ever built be demolecularized and very slowly and almost haphazardly reconstructed, I have finally (after 9 weeks into the relaunch) got limited widget service and a little more text editor control. I'm still missing the header and footer freedom I used to have and still can't run scripts, but I suspect they'll be coming back as well over the next month or two.

     photo posterlexx1.jpg

    HOWEVER. I can at least get the reader service and external site tracker back up. As discussed at stats for Lexx fans, and waving to the U.S. Airforce | Arch Heretic, site meter isn't even close to an accurate real time traffic count, plus I've lost tracker stats on it twice now, but it's still cool to have that cute little visitor graphic on the page.  I intended to allow the 'plus' perks on site meter to expire at the end of September but it still seems to be running, in a grace period, perhaps, but I've made it public so anyone can click it.

     photo ch3.jpg

    Before the relaunch started I saved a complete traffic inventory, some of my posts have over 10,000 direct hits. I have excellent spam filters, so those are real people coming in from searches, live twitter links, and pings from other people linking me. Returning visitors aren't generally counted much if they return a lot, the tracker programs look for new hits. Xanga's old internal tracking system was much better than site meter, hope they get that back up real soon. I'm very curious to see if it kept counting traffic during the relaunch or if I've just had to miss those stats completely.

     photo lx6403.jpg

    I've been alerted to mobile service not being back up yet, so my Xanga blogs are still impossible to read on other devices. Hopefully the feedburner can fix that problem for you. It has worked great in the past, you click on the "subscribe" button at the upper left of the page, and the posts arrive to you as soon as I publish them. This is a clip of feedburner stats. I may have lost all those subscribers during the relaunch, I'm very sorry about that, but it's very easy to hop back on board by clicking that button.

     photo feedburnerstatgf.jpg

    I know a few of my posts are a little hard to read now since the html got chewed up and spit back out. I'm slowly going through fixing things post by post, and it's been a little frustrating because sometimes after I fix something, another maintenance surge comes through and knocks it off kilter again. Xanga was the best blogging host I ever found in the last ten years, gave me so much creative freedom and even public staff support last autumn after Sandy hit and they kept the servers up on generators, so I'm riding this one out and keeping my faith that my Lexx blog will continue to be really fun well into the future. Thank you so much for checking it out, and stay Lexxy.

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  • pleasant surprises


    I did not expect this. I was honestly very happy with posts that got 30 hits, thrilled with 50 or 60, ecstatic when some of them topped 100. At this date, I have 8 posts on this blog that have gotten over 500 hits, and 5 of those are over 1000. Granted, now I have twitter, tumblr, and xanga plugz, but even weeks after those are done and gone, the visits keep coming (my  bluejacky traffic is blowing me away, too). When I opened this blog back up, I did NOT expect this kind of traffic. The Lexx posts, especially, are already far outpacing the traffic I used to get in the 'old days' when Lexx was a bit hotter and fresher on the internet. I think it's fair to say that the traffic to this blog is very Lexx driven, but it certainly isn't the only attraction. I mostly just want to say this is the coolest present I've gotten in awhile, and it's doing me a lot of good to see it after the rough run I had. Hugs to all the lurkers out there, and I hope whatever winter festivities you enjoy are awesome for you this year.
  • Wabble- online Scrabble game


    My sister got me a tad hooked on an playing an online scrabble game at wabble.org, called Wabble. They've got a really nice score keeping program and a chat box, and games can be set to public or private, or private password only but still viewable by the public. You can set your own level of strictness, which is awesome for me because I'm such a rule bender that I almost can't tolerate sitting through a normal game any more. I'll play by rules when I play with family, but when I play otherwise, I personally allow proper nouns, acronyms, abbreviations, foreign words, slang, etc as long as you can link me to a webpage that verifies it if I question the word. I get a kick out of theming my games to scifi and fantasy fiction shows and characters, so names are allowable in that context, like if you can spell Spock or Uther or something, just make sure I know where the name comes from if I'm not familiar with the show and that you really are spelling it correctly. I'm not one of those guts or glory players, points are fun and all, but I won't sit for 20 minutes trying to eek out another ten points somehow, and I'm not above slinging out a low pointer if the word is long and interesting.
    I often use wabble as a way to get through a tough day, and I set my laptop up in the kitchen so I can move around between plays and piddle my way through chores or cooking or another project I've got going. I can handle about 3-4 games per week, sometimes too pulled around like taffy to do more, but sure a nice way to get out of my head when I'm in too deep.
    I'm not very good at being pals online, I barely use my phone, and I'm not into instant messaging and texting and whatever other kind of messaging goes on, I'm a bit if a recluse that way, but it would be fun once in awhile to get a game going with other Lexx or Merlin fans or xanga bloggers. I've thought about how to set this up, since I've been imitated online in the past under both my Janika and Yablo names, and there are so many other Pinky's out there, I think the only way to do it is if I set up the game myself through my blog and always play as Janika. I might just leave this post around, and if anyone is interested you can comment here, message me through xanga or facebook, or email me (I won't get it right away, I log offline a LOT and I don't do the web on my phone), and we can work out some kind of arrangement for synchronizing game times.
  • the zombies got sitemeter



    And that's even worse when you feel about two months behind in the first place.
    To all you poor saps working around the clock at Sitemeter lately, I raise my coffee to you this morning. While little blogs around the net are actually documenting traffic increases every time the word sitemeter goes into their posts because so many frantic surfers are looking for answers, they are still turning to other stat counters in tiny desperation. What happened this time? Massive lightning strike? (http://www.weather.com/) X-class CME pulsing their equipment? (http://spaceweather.com/) Traffic jam during the server move? (pun, ha, I'm so funny at 7 a.m.) I'm just glad I'm not on that end of it. I'll wait it out over here in my little house, because I'm curious. I've been with sitemeter since 2004 and I know all their ins and outs. I've triangulated their tracking system with internal tracking here and a stalker module on another blog when it was bouncing off the walls in 2008. People talk about switching: hey, just add something. If you're getting it for free anyway, just use more than one tracker so you'll have backup. Don't just compare during their worst crisis, compare it year round when your sites are slow.
    So here's the deal, since other bloggers are yapping their TMI numbers. My sites were essentially dead, because I had them all closed for two years, some longer. I only recently opened them back up, just in time, apparently, for the epic sitemeter fail. My internal trackers asploded this week, nothing over the top, just busybusy, and it would have been nice to have sitemeter for a tad more accurate info. But I don't have any of that, and after wrestling with it for a couple of days have decided to sit back and ride it out, just watch and see how it gets handled, etc. Every time a host of any kind goes down for 'maintenance', it always takes longer than projected, it's usually handled badly, i.e. making the users feel abandoned without explanations, and then when it's all fixed the host service usually winds up way better than it was before. I went through this with AOL's growing pains years ago and stuck with them when everyone else I know bailed, and I can't tell you how cool the services are now. I've gone through this with xanga multiple times. Look at all the people hanging in there with facebook, even though the grumbling is continual. Webring did a massive overhaul and is trying to get me back. And sitemeter has grown through several glitches just like everyone else. "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him, we have the technology, we have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. We can make him better than he was before; better, stronger, faster." I remember when there were no computers for us peons. Now regular bloggers have access to light-speed-up-to-the second information and have all kinds of cows and kittens when servers go down. At least send sitemeter a thank you card for boosting your traffic while you're complaining about them. That's a free service.
    Back to my coffee. I've got bigger things on my plate. The prednisone seems to be curing Scott of zombie-itis, and he's feeling well enough to wrangle with some new technology at the break of dawn. We'll have our own server downtime going on if I don't monitor this situation.... *need coffee*  (ug, now photobucket is upgrading again...)


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