Month: February 2013

  • How big is the Lexx?

    When you watch Lexx, sometimes it's hard to grasp just how huge that big bug really is. We see other living ships, another fave of mine being Moya from Farscape, and we see other really big ships and space stations, like Imperial Destroyers from Star Wars, the Earth Alliance Station from Babylon 5, and even that great big creepy cube styled Borg ship from Star Trek, but the question comes up- whose is bigger? How does the Lexx compare to these other space faring constructions?

    There is actually quite a bit of discussion about this, but let's start withLexx - Wikipedia. Scroll down past the plot summary to the actual description that starts with this sentence- "The Lexx is a bio-engineered, Manhattan-sized, planet-destroying bioship in the shape of a giant winglessdragonfly." Excuse me? Manhattan??? Well, how big is that? How big is Manhattan I don't know if that 13 miles length is from the furthest out buildings on either end or invisible lines surveyed with an astrolabe, but if you think a little differently about it, it's about the same distance that Felix Baumgartner went last year to break the skydiving record. Skydiver jumps from 13 miles above Earth in test run for record attempt So if the Lexx were pointed upright with the tip of its tail on earth, this guy would look like a tiny dot against its face. THAT is how big the Lexx is.


    "I can remember my first time on Manhattan, and looking up and down the Avenue, and my brain going “pop”, because it was unable to grasp the evidence directly in front of it. If you’ve never been to Manhattan , it’s impossible to imagine what 1.5 million people sitting on 22.7 square miles looks like. If you have been, many of you will understand the awe that this borough presents to you inspires." When you click the map on that page a couple of times to enhance the size, you can see that Manhattan is the orange part, looking very Lexxy... I'm sure fans will understand what I mean. But if you can imagine Lexx landing on Earth the way it did on Brunnis, that is how much room it would take up.


    I recently had fun tweeting to Craig Engler, senior exec at Syfy, which might actually help with our perspective here. This brief interaction was too big to get in one screen shot, but you can click on either one of those pix to see his short video of the Manhattan skyline hosted on his vine account. Be sure to follow him on twitter for cool Q&A with fans (click both his name and Syfy for his accounts).

     photo vine1.jpg

     photo vine2.jpg

    Back to how big the Lexx is.

    The guy who does The Conservation Report (Buck Denton, uber nerd) puts it in perspective for us. He was also curious about side by side comparisons of scifi spacecraft and made a blog post about it at SCIENCE FICTION: Spaceship size comparison charts, complete with a pop out chart that reminds me of those big posters you see in science buildings across college campuses. This is serious stuff.

    (Note- the original page for that chart is at BuzzFeed- Spaceship Size Comparison Chart [PIC], originally posted on 1-14-09. The original pop out click no longer works on BuzzFeed, so thank you Buck Denton for saving that for us!) (edit 3-5-13: found the chart creator, linked in comments below)

    At the lower right on that chart we find the Lexx. (Have you clicked that up to big size? Good.) Whoever made the chart asigned a size of 10,000 metres to the Lexx, which I'm not sure is right. Vague descriptions about the size of Lexx say it's the size of Manhattan, from interviews with the creators to description copy in nearly every article you find, but you really don't find anyone saying how big Manhattan is unless you look it up, like we just did above and discovered that it's around 13 miles long, whereas this chart puts the Lexx at about 6 miles long. So I guess take the specs with grain of salt. (Scifi enthusiasts will sometimes enjoy sizzling debates down to the micron on fictional details, a happy little rush you can't get from real life.)

    When you scroll around on that chart you can see that the Lexx is about a mile longer than the Babylon 5 station, three times the length of a Borg cube ship, roughly the same size as a Voth city ship and the Earth Spacedock (all three of these from Star Trek), and dwarfed only by the Emperor's executive destroyer and the Death Star (the Death Star obviously doesn't fit on the chart) from Star Wars. The Lexx is also the largest living ship on the chart.

    There is also a cool graph chart at 100 Pixels per meter that shows a few more ships that are bigger than Lexx, including the whale probe and V'Ger from Star Trek, and it does have the Death Star on it, plus a number of other much smaller ships. You can see the Lexx still ranks right up there in the top twenty largest space constructions between the two charts.

    You can also find 'blueprints' for the Lexx housed at LexxZone Gallery - Lexx blueprint, which pops up to gigantic size when you click that pic. They're not complete blueprints in that labeling dimensions and known structures is sadly deficit, but it's still cool to look at.

    Some years ago I could have linked you to the original original sources, most of those are gone now and the fastest way to find this stuff is by playing around with phrases in search engines and clicking for image listings, which will in turn link back to sources. Old sites abound with broken links and removed pages, and other sites abound that have very poor search engine access or none at all, and I accidentally find those in the strangest ways. There are sites containing copyright material from sources that no longer exist, so many sites use Fair Use disclaimers (as do I), but thank goodness there are multiple fan sites that also cache what they find, otherwise some of these things might be lost forever. I daresay there are Lexx fan sites outside of the U.S. that vigorously collect everything they find and none of this stuff is lost at all, except to the northwestern hemisphere where we strangle ourselves silly with stacks of regulations that even politicians have no time to read. "Copyright protects the particular way authors have expressed themselves. It does not extend to any ideas, systems, or factual information conveyed in a work". But still, I lament that sourcing Lexx is becoming harder and harder as years pass.


    Readers are welcome to link more sources on the comments area.

    Here is a good example of a broken link due to a lost source page. I found this in an image search by pure accident, it clicks from the search engine list to the page, but the page no longer warehouses the picture. You get this a lot with Lexx. You can see how old this page is, I'm surprised it's still around at all.

  • the day after Q

    Everything that looks like snow in these pictures is wicked slick sleet and frozen rain. We didn't get one snowflake. Walking even a very short distance is like taunting the fates for broken bones. You don't sink in, and treads don't make a difference.

     photo IMAG0581-1.jpg

     photo IMAG0604.jpg

     photo IMAG0606.jpg

     photo IMAG0607.jpg

     photo IMAG0609.jpg


  • wrath of Q, sort of

    Winter storm Q looks more harmless in these photos than it might have elsewhere along the plains, but every bit of this is ice, NOT snow. When I stepped outside to get pictures it felt like being stung by sand flying around in a sand storm. Normal freezing rain around here comes down wet and then freezes, building up a glass-like world that sparkles. This was different, it came down like hard sleet and piled up like snow. We got lightning and thunder with it just like a spring rain storm. Q came in two waves over my house that lasted for hours. Local news is calling this 2 inches of sleet. It didn't stick like snow, so every wind carried it off, and it got pretty windy. My street has been plowed, but now it's black ice.

     photo IMAG0530.jpg 

     photo IMAG0538.jpg

     photo IMAG0540.jpg

     photo IMAG0541.jpg

     photo IMAG0542.jpg

     photo IMAG0543.jpg

     photo IMAG0546.jpg

     photo IMAG0549.jpg

     photo IMAG0550.jpg

     photo IMAG0554.jpg

     photo IMAG0556.jpg

     photo IMAG0558.jpg

     photo IMAG0559.jpg


  • diabetes and steroid meds

    Disclaimer- I am not a medical professional or nutritionist, but I do have diabetes and have become really good at controlling my blood sugar with diet since I cannot take the diabetes meds.

    Having to deal with diabetes sucks bad enough, but sometimes you have to get prednisone shots or go on a medrol pack for allergies or autoimmune flare ups or goodness knows what else, and then diabetes can turn into a real nightmare. Steroid meds force your adrenal glands to squeeze out more cortisol, which in turn makes other hormones and chemicals do stuff, and while this can be wonderfully life-saving, it also makes your liver dump out its glucose backup, originally meant for fight or flight emergencies, into your bloodstream *right now*.

    Facts About Corticosteroids (Steroids)

    Steroid meds are awesome when we need them, even when they temporarily make us gain weight and lose sleep. But a diabetic person on steroid meds is in a catch-22 situation when their blood sugar spikes a hundred or more points and stays that way while on steroid treatment. Increasing your diabetes meds without strict monitoring can get dangerous, and then you wind up on a roller coaster between high spikes and low drops. This is especially dangerous in traffic. I have no proof of that, but I'm sure doctors and highway patrol would agree, because low blood sugar drastically affects decision making and reaction time, kind of like being drunk or sleepy.

    I have a solution! And it works! I confess it's not my idea, bit it's brilliant, and I can help you. happy 

    The best thing I ever found for easily controlling blood sugar spikes during steroid treatment is the Rosedale Diet. (I'm not being paid to say this, and I bought nothing from them but a used book off Amazon.) Dr. Rosedale takes the time to list foods you can eat that don't spike your blood sugar. There are plenty of foods out there in the form of proteins and healthy fats that you can rely on. The problem is that our world nowadays is so saturated with carbohydrates (sugars and starches) that it seems almost impossible to know what to eat during times of illness and stress, when a diabetic's blood sugar goes the highest.

    Other easy ways to learn what 'carbs' to avoid is by following the South Beach Diet or by learning the glycemic index. Even people without diabetes find they lose weight faster and in a more healthy way when they simply limit the amount of carbs they eat. Diabetes websites such as American Diabetes Association also recommend 'counting carbs'. But that sounds like a lot of work, you say. Nope, it's EASY. Food labels show you how many grams of carbohydrates per serving. Rule of thumb is 10-15 carbs or less per meal or snack. You get 11 carbs in one cup of milk, for instance (that's half of a tall glass).

    I had the opportunity to try this myself recently after an ER trip with IV prednisone, benadryl, and pepcid for unknown cause that could have been anything from allergic reaction to lupus flare up. I also had to take a pain pill on an empty stomach there, so they gave me 4 crackers, which normally won't spike my blood sugar much at all because it's just under 10 carbs. Since I hadn't eaten in several hours, my blood sugar was most likely below 100 before I got the prednisone shot. (I'm able to control with diet since I can't take diabetes meds, and therefore test regularly, so I know pretty well how it goes for me.) After I went home I got my glucose monitor out and a piece of paper to keep track. My blood sugar had jumped up to 148 from only 4 crackers on an empty stomach. I knew better than to eat any more carbs that evening, so I scrambled a couple of eggs and ate a piece of cheese. My blood sugar held steady like that for about 12 hours. When it finally came down the next morning (tested 111), I had some coffee with a little milk and a half tsp. of sugar in it and did ok, but I still stuck to mostly proteins and healthy fats until I was sure it was going to stay down through the afternoon. THEN I went back to 10 carbs per meal and snack. But then when it was time to take prednisone pills that evening (24 hours after the shot), I stopped all carbs again about an hour before I took the pills and didn't eat anything else through the night. The next morning my blood sugar was down to 115, so I was able to handle a small amount of carbs with breakfast, and then eat normally as the day wore on.

    This worked fantastically until the fourth evening. My brain fell out, I wasn't thinking, I remembered my prednisone and took it without waiting after I ate, and 30 minutes later suddenly decided to polish off the rest of some chocolate milk I had left over, about a cup. *WORST*NIGHT*EVER*. ~omg~ My blood sugar must have spiked over 250 and stayed there for hours, because I was miserable, up every hour to pee, tossing around feeling like my heart was beating too hard, felt too hot, finally got a nasty headache that went down into a neck spasm and I had to get an ice pack out at one in the morning just to be able to lay back down. It didn't even dawn on me until I woke up again at 3:15 with a nasty throbbing headache that I did that to myself. I totally forgot to count my carbs and slammed that prednisone down right in the middle of them. I took my blood sugar right then and it was 142, so at least it was on the way back down, and was 118 by 5:45, thank goodness. The next night I watched my carbs again and *slept great*.

    Ideally, you want to keep your blood sugar below 120, preferably between 86 and 100. Blood sugar goes up and down all day as we eat, and that's normal, but it's not normal for it to go over 120 and stay way up there for hours, which is what prednisone will make it do, especially if you've just had a shot. So until that comes back down, NO CARBS, or you'll make it go way higher. A great site to get really good blood sugar information from another real person like me is Blood Sugar 101.

    If you are diabetic and must spend a week or longer on steroid meds, here are a few quick rules of thumb until you can get your menu figured out-

    *Avoid all sugared drinks, including soda pop, tea, and fruit juices.

    *Cheese, cream cheese, and butter are ok, but cut down or avoid all other dairy, because lactose will spike your blood sugar, including cottage cheese and some other soft cheeses.

    *Eggs, nuts, meats, poultry, and fish are awesome, but avoid eating them if they are breaded in any form, especially tempura. Breading (flour) will spike your blood sugar as much as sugar will. Peel the breading off. This goes for other breaded foods as well. NO onion rings or other breaded veggies like okra or mushrooms or jalapeno poppers! Also beware of sugared or honeyed nuts and main dishes with added sugar in any form, which happens in some Asian, Mexican, and Italian dishes. *note- IHOP uses pancake mix in their scrambled eggs and omelettes, which will spike your blood sugar. Check labels on frozen precooked meals.

    *Avoid all grains in any form as much as possible until your blood sugar comes down, and then only in moderation because grains are super carby. This includes all pastries, cakes, cookies, pies, breads, buns, tortillas, gravies, sauces, pastas, and rice. I know this is really hard. *hug*

    *Be very careful with all legumes. Beans will spike your blood sugar a little differently from grains, but will stay high for a long time if you eat a lot. This includes chick peas and tofu. This part is really tough for vegetarians who use legumes for protein, so please watch this and keep monitoring your glucose levels.

    *Avoid potatoes and other high starch or high sugar root vegetables and gourds, such as squash, pumpkin, carrots, parsnips, and beets. Stick to leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and radishes. NO french fries or chips! Corn is the worst, watch the peas, stick to green beans, unbreaded okra, and asparagus. *note- some restaurants soak lettuce and salad veggies in sugar water to freshen them up, which can spike your blood sugar. This has happened to me. It sucked. It's not fair when you can't count on 'healthy' low carb foods in restaurants because of poor practices, so be vigilant.

    *Be careful with tomatoes and ketchup, very high in both natural and added sugar content. Avoid salsas, spaghetti and pizza sauces, basically stay away from concentrated tomato products if your blood sugar is already high.

    *Cut out fruits until your blood sugar is under control, although you can probably eat most berries without much of a problem. NO watermelon! Fruits are naturally very high in sugar content and are as bad on spiking blood sugar during steroid meds as drinking soda pop. I think avocados are ok, half a banana or less, but since fruits aren't marked for carbs and are generally carb rich, it's easier to walk away if you haven't had the time to look it up.

    DO NOT DESPAIR. Remind yourself this is temporary until you can figure out your blood sugar pattern, like I did, or until you can make sure your diabetes medication is working well for you while you are on steroid meds. The worst thing you can do on top of feeling sick or dealing with something like flare ups and meds is make your diabetes worse. When you don't feel well in the first place, it's very natural to grab and eat something that tricks your body into thinking it will feel better, like caffeine or quick sugars and starches. But that feeling is very temporary, and the consequences are not only miserating, but harmful and even dangerous if your blood sugar is spiking up into the 300's. YOU CAN CONTROL THIS. I've learned this because my own health depends on it, since I can't take the pills. A nice perk I've noticed is that when I carb count while on steroid meds, I don't have any new weight gain.

    I'm not going to abandon you there. I have a lot of experience with making food yummy and keeping my blood sugar down. That list up there is for emergencies while you are trying to get through the next 24 hours (or week) of misery (because that is usually when I find articles like this myself, and probably why you are here, too). You need a reward for sticking through this far during such a sucky time! heart Let's make this easy!!!

    I know what you're thinking- it's already sucking bad enough, but the thought of eating salad and no dessert when you need comfort food the most is about to send you through a black well of despair. If you absolutely must have something or go crazy, the dessert I have found that does the least harm is a very simple cheesecake, but you still need to keep the portion small so you won't make yourself sick. I got this recipe from a Philadelphia cream cheese box. Total carbs in the entire cheesecake is 224, and if you slice into 8 portions, each portion is 28. So eat half a slice of this cheesecake and get only 16 carbs, which is fantastic compared to most desserts having 30 or much more.

    Crust- 1 1/4 graham cracker crumbs, 1/4 c sugar, 1/3 cup melted butter, stirred together and patted into pie plate.

    Filling- Mix together 2 8-oz blocks of cream cheese, 1/2 c sugar and 1 tsp vanilla, then mix in two eggs. Pour into crust and bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes. Do NOT add a topping when it's done unless a label says it has no carbs because it's been replaced with artificial sweeteners. Fresh berries are ok if you don't add sugar to them, but please use your glucose meter to verify this and not my word.

    One of the biggest challenges in switching to a low carb diet is thinking you have to sacrifice flavor and feeling comfortably full, if you are used to filling up the empty corners on breads and desserts. One of the myths of good health is that fats will kill you, when in fact the sugar is already doing it much faster. The body craves healthy fats because they are essential to good nerve conduction and proper metabolism, among many other things. Because fats have lots of flavor and calories, a little bit of fat replaces a whole lot of sugar and starch and your body is much more quickly satisfied when you eat them. When you eat sugars and starches and play the game of spiking your blood sugar, your body sends out an alarm when your blood sugar starts to drop, and if you are diabetic, this alarm is sent out prematurely because your system is wonky, and bing, you're hungry again even when you've had more calories than you need and it hasn't been that long since you've eaten. This vicious cycle can be broken without the horrible suffering you imagine, simply by eating more proteins and fats. Treat yourself to some delicious food as you limit your carbs while you are on steroid meds, and you will feel so much better in both the short and long term. I have a few recipes of my own linked right here that work wonderfully for me.

    campfire scrambled eggs- add more veggies if you like, it only gets more delicious

    restaurant quality alfredo sauce- if you need a low carb sauce or gravy to go over grilled meat or poultry (do not add pasta)

    Italian Chicken Fingers- the breading is half parmesan cheese for low carb

    really good chicken soup- super low carb unless you add carby stuff like potatoes and rice

    I wish you all the best, and I hope this was helpful.


  • monthy update February 2013

    Chickens! Today I had the camera out. Winter gets so boring for chickens, stuck in the pen when it's cold and all the greens are withered and sour, bugs are deep in the tree bark, and the only thing left to eat is little worms under big piles of leaves. I supplement their winter feed with fresh veggies, which is easy since I get excited and tend to overbuy produce I think looks beautiful. Today they got some lettuce and tomato with a little bit of bread.


    They heard the back door and burst out of the hen house cackling so loud that the neighborhood dogs started barking, flew exuberantly into the wire, and settled into a crowd by the pen door. Snack time is always such an exciting event. Some day I'm going to catch them on camera coming out of the pen to graze, sometimes a couple of them will fly right across the yard. I used to have a duck that would do that, too, and he just missed plowing my head one day.


    Some days they get leftover squash (the seeds are *yum*) or a little bit of canned corn, maybe a handful of leftover shredded cheese. On really nasty cold days they get a bit of raw burger or canned tuna with the goodies because between laying eggs and staying warm, they burn through calories and nutrients like crazy. We buy top dollar vegetarian chicken feed because I'm allergic to so many foods and can't touch cheaper feed with vague ingredient lists (plant protein...??) that I break out and itch, but chickens are born carnivorous and ready to work hard for their food scratching through forest litter, so when they stand around in a pen they sometimes don't eat as well as they should because, believe it or not, they get bored, and scratch grains like cracked corn, milo, and wheat just don't put up a good chase, even though they are yummy. Chickens move almost continually unless they're sleeping or do a freeze pose on alert, and they'd rather pick through every molecule of dirt in their pen than sit around talking about what's on tv while they munch. They're actually kind of destructive because they like staying so busy. So I try to make it interesting, and they keep churning out big pretty eggs. When all else fails, we toss in a flake of straw for them to kick around, or a bag of delightfully clean new dirt to dust in.

    Since I so rarely post about the chickens, I imagine most of you who have actually followed this blog since last summer have probably forgotten their names and what kind they are. Every new flock gets a theme, this flock was named after television characters and personalities. The golden laced wyandotte right up front is Nadia G. Fancy, huh? I never had 'laced' chickens before this year. 

    The mahogany colored one up front in this next one is a speckled sussex named T'Pol. She doesn't lay as heavily as the others, but makes up for it by being our buddy. She follows us like a cat until we're afraid we'll step on her feet, but she doesn't worry about standing on our feet all the time. She's our biggest critic, too, will always come let us know what we're doing wrong or what we're supposed to fix. The white hen by her is Myka, a cross between Delaware and New Hampshire that is called Indian Rivers. I really like her, she's calm and fluffy and lays super big eggs. She also has such a deep voice that she sounds like a goose honking when she clucks to herself. 


    Mary Margaret (aka Snow White) wound up not being very snow white at all. You can't tell in this one, but she's got a big black spot on her back, like Snoopy, black freckles, and black legs. White chickens generally have yellow legs, but she's an austra-white, a cross between a black australorp and a white leghorn, a super layer. She's petite and a real pig, probably because her body is so busy turning everything she eats into eggs, there isn't a speck of extra anything on her. She especially craves extra protein more than the other hens and will shove them over getting to any meat I take out once in awhile. I think regular layer feed doesn't have enough protein in it for her. Sometimes when she gets mean and picks on the others too much, I think she's just cranky with food cravings, and all I have to do is take out a little bit of raw burger for her to wolf down and she's fine for a few days. I've never had a problem with my chickens picking each other's feathers out, and I think the raw meat helps with that.

    Morgana is a silver laced wyandotte and almost never takes a bad picture. I've never seen such a photogenic chicken, maybe it's the black and white contrast. But she's also our dumbest. I don't know if she's just laid back or doesn't care, but she's nearly always the last one in because she gets stuck on the wrong side of the door and can't remember or figure out how to walk around like the others do, a real 'bird brain'. She's also much slower to pounce on goodies or find worms in the leaves, but she lays beautiful big eggs and she's gorgeous, so she's my favorite. I can't help it. I'm usually not that shallow. winky 


    I've also got an easter egger but missed getting her picture because she was inside on a nest, and I was too cold to stay out any longer. Her name is Amy Farrah Fowler, and just as quirky as the one on tv.

    This last month has been a bit busier than I'm used to. I've been writing on other blogs, contributed copy to a couple other websites, and I've been a lot more distracted with 'real life' since both my daughters are manufacturing new humans. Still making it to the fitness center, but complications came up and a doctor has told me to stop all upper body workouts until I see a neurologist. I thought at first that I was working out wrong and triggering fibro flares up my neck and shoulders, but when my face and head started going numb last month (no added pain there), doctors started getting excited. I said maybe it's stress, they said stress doesn't do that. So far they've ruled out a few big scary things I didn't even know existed, and still doing tests, but nothing has gotten worse and I have such a weird history that I'm not going to worry about it. They put me on prednisone just in case, so I've been wound up for days not sleeping and I'm about ready to get off this stuff!

    Still not very good at getting self pix, but I got this one a couple of weeks ago at the fitness center.

    Also found a few pix in my phone, was out on such a pretty winter day, got up to nearly 60, then plunged 40 degrees later that afternoon and snowed. Didn't get snow pix.


  • campfire scrambled eggs


    I first ate this years ago during a big camping trip one weekend with probably over 50 girls plus a number of counselors. I was asked to go to be an extra supervisor for activities, which was fun. Smelling this breakfast cooking outside after sleeping in a tent is a gorgeous experience.
    Start by frying up some bacon, set it aside. (If you prefer chopped up ham, by all means saute some ham at this step! Set it aside like you would the bacon.)

    Drain the fat out of the pan, and I use 2 T of butter to every 2-3 eggs, so for this batch I used 4 T of butter. Let that melt on low heat in the pan while you chop up some veggies. I like green onions and orange bell peppers, very colorful in the eggs. My dad likes to steam broccoli florets in the microwave to add to his eggs (ew!), plus he sautes lots of chopped up jalapenos, other people like chopped tomatoes, pretty much anything your heart desires. The main thing is to get the harder veggies a little soft first before you scramble them in the eggs, so saute whatever you chop up in the butter (or whatever other fat you like to use, I think real butter has a nice flavor). I also like to add mushrooms, these are baby bellas.

    When the veggies reach the softness you prefer (try to keep some color, don't cook them to death), crumble the bacon up into the pan with the veggies and give it a good stir, then move all of it to the sides to make room for eggs. I grow my own eggs which are much more tasty than regular store eggs, and the yolks are darker.

    Pop the yolks with your spoon and stir the eggs up real good to scramble them, then pull the veggies and bacon into the scrambled eggs and make sure they're all scrambled together evenly.

    The rest is easy, just keep stirring every few seconds until the eggs cook and dry out a little. 

    I turn the heat off when the eggs are just done and sprinkle cheese on. I like mixing several cheeses together, but mostly I like Swiss with a little parmesan. If you like a more Mexican style of eggs, the colby/jack is really good, and a little parmesan perks it up even more.

    Looks great on the plate! Some restaurants offer options like hollandaise sauce or a dollop of sour cream or Tabasco sauce and maybe other goodies on the side, like sliced avocados and maybe more fresh chopped tomatoes or a separate mushroom sauce. This is the part where you play around with different flavors and styles. Me, I like digging in as soon as I can.

    I like to make a big batch so I can save some for later. These scrambled eggs keep very well in the refrigerator for a couple of days, and Scott likes to take them to work, because he leaves so early in the morning.

    One very nice perk about this ~basic~ egg recipe is that it's very low carb and won't spike your blood sugar, if you're having to watch out for that. If you add toast, juice, milk, sauce, fruit, and other stuff like that you will, but not if you just stick to these eggs. Also please notice there is no added salt. You get plenty from the bacon (or ham) and cheese.


  • Stanley Tweedle


    I have been looking high and low for a good Stanley Tweedle music video, and it was right under my nose right here on xanga. There are a couple more posted by LexxAddict, if you want to check it out, plus lots more goodies when you click to her main page and go through her posting calendar.



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My first tracker was installed in 2004 and broke several times before moving to a new server, which lost a few months of stats, and then Xanga moved to new servers and I lost more stats for more months before the page came back up, so I've lost a total of about two years' worth of stats. The second was installed 2-22-14 and is considered very conservative by business owners who use analytics, which itself is very conservative, estimates being that roughly one third to one half of hits by real live people aren't even counted, most likely due to javascript discrepancies. Actual hits on several posts here are in the thousands now, and the Lexx Index in the ten thousands. I've got pingbacks turned off, so spam isn't counted at all within the Xanga internal tracker, and most direct post hits can be correlated to my real time linking activity on twitter and other social media. When I did Google Analytics beta testing I got to see how search engine performance compares to tracking. I believe live feed linking sources to various social medias are key to a future where search engines are more about performance than cataloging, which has been confirmed to me by coders who create bot algorithms as I was beta testing I've fought hard through redundant age-old stacks to make my way to the google front lines again, so my Lexx work shows up faster on Chrome searches now. This has been a really interesting ride. At any rate, my point is, I can still go back 6 years on my original tracker and I can still see that in 2013 just before the last big blog server move, I was getting traffic like this (and since then, the tracker may have been abandoned, we can't tell). Click the thumbnail to see full size.

My original tracker also still lets me see the latest 500 visitors on a map. I once counted over 80 countries among the total visits. You guys are not alone. Click the map to see it better.

Besides Lexx, the most common search phrases that bring new visitors here are variations on 'huge spaceship'. The most seen post from a phrase search is How Big is the Lexx? My biggest Lexx referrer is Lexx Domain. Most of page views per person count comes from the Lexx tag on Tumblr. Visitors who stay the longest come through URLOpener and are pinged through the Google translator server in Mountain View, CA.

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