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  • chicken herd

    Playing with my new phone.

    These silly girls tried to follow me out to the mailbox today. They hang at my feet like cats. They follow me right back into their pen even if they just got out. Chicken herding has never been easier than with this flock.


  • sausage king of Chicago


    I feel I must asplain. Maybe this post will help put all the info in an easy to find location in search engines, because I'm seeing some desperate looking search hits.
    There is only one Janika Banks, and that's me. Janika Banks is synonymous with Lexx, as is, so who is Janika Banks everywhere else?
    Janika Banks is-
    PinkyGuerrero on twitter
    PinkyGuerrero on tumblr
    PinkyGuerrero on myspace
    Pinky Guerreo on pinterest
    Pinky Guerrero on xanga
    Janika Banks on youtube
    Janika Banks on xanga
    Janika Banks on blogger
    bluejacky on xanga
    There's more, scattered in the wind, somewhere out there. There are even other names. Since 1994 I have migrated through several user names across fandoms. This year I'm getting it all tied together. When I Lexx I am Janika Banks. Nearly everywhere else I am Pinky Guerrero. It's no secret or anything, just that I went through deleting a bunch of stuff, and my Janika twitter and facebook and myspace are gone, etc. So if you see any out there as Janika Banks, that's not me.  If you're not a Lexx fan or bluejacky reader and wonder why in the world I'd make a post like this, here, have a little light entertainment for your trouble. 

  • Da Lexx- Rapdicted

    Thanx to TheBloggess putting up a link, I can see what my Lexx blog looks like when you search it through Gizoogle. Stanley Tweedle on the Cluster will take on a whole new meaning... You *will* see a lot of really hilarious rough language, so if you're not up for that, just shut your eyes and think of ladybugs or something.

    If you want to see Lexx posts Gizoogle style (rapdicted, it's awesome), you have to paste over each page address separately into the Gizoogle search bar. I would do it for you and create a whole new index, but Gizoogle directs everything back to its generic, so there are no real page links, sorry about that. The easiest way to do this is to go to my Lexx Index (plug into Gizoogle, you'll love it), scroll down to whatever link you want to see rapdicted, open that page, grab the web address out of the bar at the top your your page, go back to Gizoogle, and plug it in. I swear, it's totally worth the effort. For example, you wanna check out I Worship His Shadow- part 3- Stanley Tweedle, so you grab the out of the bar, plug it into Gizoogle, and you get the page for I Worshizzle His Shadow- part 3- Stanley Tweedle. Or you wanna check out Lexx and psychological health, perhaps, you grab out of the bar and plug it into Gizoogle and get the page for Lexx n' psychological game, like.

     omg, my pop up box even got rapdicted.  
    So psyche playa is finally gettin somewhere wit mah take on sexuizzleitizzle, thanx ta Lexx. None of it turns mah crazy ass on, n' he calls mah crazy ass tha porn biatch of Lexx, unphased wit what tha fuck I be bustin ta tha fans. (Years ago, mah most wildly ghettofab post was called 'Tied Up'.) I know itz unimaginable fo' his ass dat entire Lexx sex survey post aint much different from any other action sequences I peep up in sci-fi shows, except up in content. I know itz unimaginable ta hustlas dat I would muthafuckin ludd tha sheezy so much without one whispa of sexuizzle stimulation up in mah dome afta all tha work put tha fuck into dat by tha creators n' hustlas. I was never sold on tha sex of Lexx. Itz just simply a buckwild show, regardless, n' tha irony n' sadnizz embedded tha fuck into all tha sexuizzle innuendo is part of dat brilliizzle, cuz dat is straight-up real thuglife fo' a shitload of gangstas. Our sex lives is ironic n' sad. Da human condizzle be absurd fo' realz. And I is ghon be explorin all of dat up in detail.
  • Lexx on Droid


    I will never forget the day I first saw my Lexx fansite in its entirety loaded up all at once. I had constructed it bit by bit, code by code, from scratch on laborious dial up, and could never pull my own site up completely and properly see it. I had to go on faith that everything I was constructing did what it was supposed to and was all in the right places. In the summer of 2006 during a computer class in medical terminology, sitting in the back of the room during a 5 minute pre-test review, I sneakily pulled up my fansite on the college network server and was knocked breathless. There in all its glory was my fansite like a glossy fan magazine, so much better than I had envisioned it in my head. I cried as briefly and as quietly as possible and managed to get the screen back off just before the teacher would have caught me. I had trouble breathing as I floated through that test (which I aced, in case you're wondering). After the test someone asked me what was going on, I guess my eyes were still in the stars, and they couldn't understand anything I tried to convey about how gratifying it was to finally see my own fansite for a television show they'd never heard of in a genre they weren't interested in after two years of flying completely blind and pulling my virtual hair out over code they had no clue exists. The glossy beauty of it at that moment has never left me.
    I had the same experience today. I no longer have that Lexx fansite, it's all gone. I have a really nice laptop on awesome broadband and can see everything I'm doing now. I still tear some virtual hair out while I toggle between two browsers and umpteen open windows, racing like a madman against the hundreds of interruptions that plague my life. I spend hours (and days) on every Lexx post I pull together, not exactly reconstructing a fansite, but definitely creating a magazine style nerd blog with a Lexx obsession. Up until this last weekend I have never seen my stuff on any other technology than a computer screen. But we got serious phone upgrades at Verizon on Black Friday, and my Droid Incredible 4G LTE (not being paid to link that) gets awesome internet. And today I clicked my bluejacky home link from my twitter profile and. was. wowed. My silly survey blog looks like a glossy online magazine. It was only a short click from there to this blog, and I literally held my breath with tears in my eyes while that tiny little Lexx flew across the space background on my glossy Lexx-obsessed nerd blog... I danced around going *aaaaahhhhh* *aaaaaahhhhh* ~Scottlookatmyphoneit'smycoolLexxblogI'msoawesomeIrock~
    I have regained my composure. I did a bad rush job getting pix on my HD camera, I'm sure a different light setting would have better results, but I'm not particularly patient right now (crazy fangirling all over one's self leads to smashing one's ankle on a coffee table), so you'll just have to believe me that Lexx on my new Droid rocks the Two Universes. You all need to go out and get Droids *right now*. There is nothing cooler than seeing the Lexx get ready to fire it's weapon on your phone in the dark, like this page. And the little comets fly around even better than they do on this blog.


  • I Worship His Shadow- part 7- Termination

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    One more little film study before the rest starts exploding into its legendary sex and violence, which, if you aren't yet familiar with the Lexx movies and series, is intro'd nicely with an interview at Part 1 - Dark Zone Adventures. Remember how in part 4 I was a little obsessed with all the shadows they created with their lighting and how that played so nicely into His Divine Shadow's theme? This time, if you've got the dvd and can watch this, the shadows and weird lighting with the background sounds brainwash you right onto the Cluster.

    Yeah, I got 97 screen shots for this one. Because I love Stanley Tweedle. Because I've felt just as sick to my stomach as that character has, and I'll bet some of you have, too. We may not have been told what he was told, but it may have been terrible for ~us~. And we can see in his face how incredibly awful his day is getting. And we know how it must feel....

    As you recall from part 3, Stanley is in very bad trouble and has to report to Correction Center Number 40 after shift change. He's already been demoted to the lowest class (4th) and has accrued 991 demerits. Our scene opens in a hallway with the correction center just ahead. And here our journey with Stanley Tweedle truly begins. That hallway is so cast in shadow that much of Stanley's walk is through dark patches, and ominous shadows are splashed across the floors and walls. As he walks we hear the play of odd chimes and soft gongs (the sounds of time, as it were), footsteps of people crisscrossing without talking, the gears of little mechanical servos buzzing around. It all looks like mechanical interplay, like the whole building is a big wind up mechanism running on a preprogrammed schedule. In the center is a looming desk, and over it an illuminated clock. The scene is clockwork in every sense, like a living piece of artwork. And more subtly you hear the screams of agony coming from somewhere close by, almost like music mixed in with the chimes. There is no escape.

    Stan approaches the desk run by a busy looking Class 2 Data Clerk (you can tell by their hats what class they are) and says, "I was supposed to escort a prisoner here, Stanley Tweedle 467329 dash four-three department five-one-one level four." "Yeah?" The clerk just looks at him. Stan starts again- "He is refusing to turn himself in." "Yeah?" "I thought that if you told me what his punishment would be for not showing up, that might help persuade him." "Oh, eh. Give me that number again?" "467329 dash four-three department five-one-one level four?"

    Anyone else catch that? One of the numbers is transposed from part 2, when we got this, in case you keep track of bloopers.

    "Good morning. Security Guard Class 4, number 47632943, Department 511, Level 4. This is your third wake up call. If you are late, you will receive 7 demerits. You already have 991 demerits."

    Ok, so the clerk is typing away, stops, snickers. "If he's not here when we close at watch change, termination order will be issued automatically." Smiles. Seems like a friendly guy, helpful. You can see in Stanley's eyes he wasn't expecting to hear a *termination* order. The clerk goes on- "It's about, uh, 20 minutes." There's that smile again.

    "Termination???" This is unbelievable. "That's what it says, termination." Again with that smile. You get the feeling that anything is fine as long as it doesn't affect him. The chimes in the background don't change, but in the mind they start sounding like death knells.

    Stanley blurts in shock. "But he's a Designated Data Cooperator, he can't be terminated because he might be needed someday for important information!" He looks and sounds terrified. He was riding along for years on this one fact.

    "DDC, eh?" You can tell this man enjoys his job. I couldn't help getting almost frame by frame on his demeanor. "Oh, sorry. That expired five months ago." Stan is stunned to get this news flash.

    The clerk keeps going. "Let's see, he's a Level 4, Class 47 Transgression, normally -zzzt- cauterization." Yes, he actually added his own sound effect. Stan looks like he could live with that. "But, he's got 991 demerits and there's a special notation, so it looks like- one to three organs." Delivered with a smile.

    "One to three organs???" Stan's shadow lurches up the side of the desk in all directions.


    The clerk says, "Yeah. He'll have to donate one to three organs, depending on demand." "Demand?" "Demand for soft organs is red hot right now, so he's pretty well sure to be a triple donor." "But he didn't even do anything, it's just a mixup!" Stan is barely holding back his panic. The background screams become more noticeable here, and the clerk says with his biggest grin yet, "Life's a mixup." Smile, chuckle, laugh. This guy thinks he's a riot. He probably hasn't had a conversation this long in awhile. And he's not getting involved in this one with a 30 foot pole. If he has a clue Stanley is really talking about himself, he's not showing it.


    But Stan doesn't crumble. Even in the face of immediate death and dismemberment, his mind is struggling for a way to deal with this, and to keep acting cool about it. "What organs?" "Usual combo...

    ...eyeball, kidney, testicle." Another big smile.

    Stan looks pretty sick.

    "If they want bone they'll take an arm or a leg, but we haven't done a limb cut in days." There's that smile again. So reassuring. "I'd suggest he turn himself in. After all, triple organ's better than a termination, huh?" Almost got a wink there.

    Stan makes a flimsy attempt to heh heh back and fails. He just looks sick, there is no way out of this. "May His Merciful Shadow fall upon you," he tries to say but winds up in a whisper, and he can't make his arm go through the salute. The clerk is already typing away, but glances up long enough to give Stan another winning smile, a quickie salute, and looks back down again at his monitor as he grunts out a mangled, "Yeah", which feels like 'Yeah that bogus stuff, I hear ya, but I'm busy, see ya.' Stan is just another dead man talking to him in that hollow place, and there is no way he's going to let that dampen his good mood, which is probably even better now that he feels safer on his side of the desk.


    Stan turns and exits dejectedly back out of the correction center, same angle, same shadows, same clockwork going on around him, his horrible moment swallowed up in bureaucracy. I think the glowing clock above their heads and the soft chimes still going on in the background along with the muffled screams and the barred shadows along the floor near the sickly dull red lighting makes a perfect picture for what must be going on in Stanley's head and chest about now. He kicks a servo going by, which flies into pieces, and the person nearest him jumps nearly out of his skin as if nothing that violent ever happens in that place. Or perhaps, because they all tiptoe around the constant violence ripping people apart in the next room. Stan walks into the blackness all alone in a giant crowded trap...

    And isn't this the ultimate nightmare that bureaucracy is, a mockery of humans being... (I'm a Van Halen fan, that's a cool song. No, they had nothing to do with Lexx.)

    I love the acting in this scene. You can find out more about the Correction Center Guard, played by Bill Carr, at Bill Carr - IMDb, and follow him on Twitter. And you can find the 'real' Stanley H. Tweedle at Brian Downey's facebook.

    Am I Lexxing too slowly? Order it for yourself from Echo Bridge Entertainment- Lexx

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  • Lexx and psychological health, perhaps


    This is a graphic discussion about sexuality from the point of view of Asperger's and synesthesia. I've been seeing my psychologist for 5 1/2 years (initially to tackle communication problems), and this year I finally cracked on my sex life, thanks to getting back into Lexx. Other hints can be found throughout my writing here and on bluejacky, but for the most part, I've never told anyone this stuff. And now it's public.
    It's gonna get weird with my psychologist, but here we go. Lexx always brings out the weird with people, and I may as well splat my brains on him. I know a huge part of psychological health is one's sexuality, and he's lately been trying to get me to talk about mine. This kind of stuff will wind up in my bio if I ever write it.
    Between the asperger's and synesthesia, I'm like a bowerbird. I'm not turned on or titillated by anything humans do, say, wear, etc, or very rarely if I am, it usually has nothing to do with what other people think of as sexual. Bowerbirds are funny things. The male has to work very hard constructing an artwork of structure and color, and if the female likes it, he gets to mate. This structure has nothing to do with building a nest or getting food, seems like a huge waste of time, and the male rarely helps the female with the kids after copulation, so it's a twisted scene of the male pimping his place out with stimulating visuals that the female somehow responds to just by looking at it.
    That's me. All it takes is walking into a building and seeing a certain pattern, a certain arrangement of colors, certain lighting, I'm *ready*. There might not be another human in sight, nothing at all sexual about the decor, but it works for ~me~. I am mesmerized by colors, lighting, patterns.... I could be in a car looking out a window at the sky and trees and suddenly there it is, that spontaneous compulsion to be swept up and taken by the gods. I've often wondered if some of the ancient gods of earth and sky were dreamed up in an aspie mind that was overwhelmed and took it far too literally.
    So I realized, as I was going back over my "Dare" Lexx Sex Survey post on bluejacky for typos and coding mistakes before I made it public, that *none* of it turned me on. At all. Never has, not even years ago. Except one shot. Stan wired up in all that electronic stuff, I could get off on thinking about being wired up like that because I'm weird. And it sure wouldn't take me that long.
    One thing I've been trying to get across to psyche guy is that growing up with stim compulsions and spontaneous orgasms (my nervous system is screwed) is nothing like masturbation. Sex is usually a conscious decision thing, even when it begins with a flood of hormones. Sex of any kind is like a day at the beach in its variety of things to see and do. Spontaneous orgasms are like being caught in a sudden undertow, unintentional and overwhelming, somewhat terrifying in public. I've been having those since I was at least 4 years old, or earlier. Kindergarten and first grade were nightmares. Holidays in my 20's were nightmares. Being at work sometimes was a nightmare. If all it takes is colors, lighting, and patterns to set off sudden waves of unstoppable unacceptable taboo in public, then my life is a nightmare of sensation. Got a little scary driving, too.
    I have never been able to duplicate that with another human. I am repulsed by the mere thought of being touched anyway. Even if something about another human could possibly turn me on, is that a good thing? Look at all the fans around the world who become obsessed with actors and musicians, so obsessed that they'll spend large amounts of money to obtain clothing worn by those people or to travel great distances to be near them, to touch them and smell them in person. Can you imagine a person compulsed with spontaneous orgasms having an obsession with another person? I don't know if that's how rapes and sometimes murders happen, but I know it's not a cute thing for me to think about.
    So psyche guy is finally getting somewhere with my take on sexuality, thanx to Lexx. None of it turns me on, and he calls me the porn queen of Lexx, unphased with what I'm doing to the fans. (Years ago, my most wildly popular post was called 'Tied Up'.) I know it's unimaginable for him that entire Lexx sex survey post isn't much different from any other action sequences I see in sci-fi shows, except in content. I know it's unimaginable to fans that I would actually love the show so much without one whisper of sexual stimulation in my brain after all the work put into that by the creators and actors. I was never sold on the sex of Lexx. It's just simply a brilliant show, regardless, and the irony and sadness embedded into all the sexual innuendo is part of that brilliance, because that is really real life for a lot of people. Our sex lives are ironic and sad. The human condition is absurd. And I will be exploring all of that in detail.
  • in between times

    Seriously, I do not know how autumn has managed to hang on this long. We've had so many years where autumn is a one-week blip or a two-week tease, so this 6 weeks stuff is blowing my mind.

    Went to the sweetest little wedding last week so far out in the woods and hills that even the Tom-Tom got lost. Cool story. This homemade bracelet was shipped from Houston regular parcel, arrived overnight just in time for the wedding. Wonderful accident? A kind secret Santa postal worker? That was some serious good luck karma.

    I am so glad I got antibiotic for sinus/ear infection before Thanksgiving. Felt like I was driving a helicoptor through traffic, badly. Still made it to the fitness center!  Ha, I look so serious here.  Too funny.

    Ran into these in one of the Walmarts and about fell over. 25 years ago I tried one of those work at home things and bought a kit, learned to bead earrings, they always rejected my work, figured they must have a scam going and dropped it, just make up my own patterns now and bead earrings as gifts, no big deal. But I can't get over the horrible colors and crafstmanship, ~seriously~? Theirs first, mine second.


    Staying home this year to watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while Scott does the Turkey Trot, barring unforeseen whatever. Football, food, and then lounging the next day away while I snicker at the frantic Black Friday shoppers on news blurbs. I worked retail for a few years in a big chain, nice rush being a part of something big, but I truly don't miss it.


  • Any particular reason why Florida?


    Look interesting? Lexx is owned by Echo Bridge Entertainment. Go to Echo Bridge Entertainment- Lexx for purchasing information. To follow my online Lexx marathon, go to my Lexx index.

    From season 4, the Lexx preparing to blow up Florida.


  • Holidays with Diabetes- Easier Than You Think


    I'm not a professional dietician- but I AM wildly successful at controlling my diabetes without meds. Before you blow me off, let me just say my mother wasn't. I have plenty of incentive.
    So you're invited to a huge feast, and you've got diabetes. Or you're cooking for a big crowd, and you've got diabetes. The social pressure is on to stuff your face, and every cell in your body strains for the magical sensation of sweet and savory, tart and salty, the nostalgic flavors and aromas and all the good cheer that food can bring, because, let's face it, sometimes that's the best part of getting a lot of people together. Some of you will argue that the booze is the best part at this point, to which I give a polite nod.
    At every feast, it's cool for people to say they ate themselves into a coma. Have you ever wondered why you get so sleepy after lots of food? It's not the turkey! Ever since I got a glucose monitor and became a little scientist, I have been mapping the feel goodity of food. And I discovered something just a little scary- the sleepy 'coma' feeling usually comes after a big BIG carb load, and that's when your blood sugar goes way WAY high, despite any medications you might be taking to keep it down. Normal people think they can get away with this, but they get sleepy, too. What gives?
    I think that sleepy coma thing is the same reaction as people have to drinking alcohol, namely, the body shuts you down before you can send yourself over a toxic cliff. You fall asleep! Carb processing takes a little time. A carb overload, as everyone knows, results in FAT when you don't use it up. So what's a little fat, it's just one meal, right? That isn't the problem. The problems is in between the eating and the fat. For about two hours after you eat, your body does a complete inventory of incoming proteins, fats, and carbs. Nothing sits around too long or it makes you sick, so the body is constantly processing. Sometimes you get a bigger than normal shipment in, it takes a little longer to unload the truck and unpack all the boxes, and during all this, your pancreas and liver are working overtime to make sure YOU don't get a toxic buildup of raw materials dumping into your bloodstream. Like carbs.
    Carbs are necessary for energy, although your body can switch to burning fat and even protein when it has to. Any carbs not being used right now or in the immediate future have to be stored as quickly as possible, and since the pancreas and liver help with this filtering process, they overwork and get backlogged. If you've heard of 'fatty liver', this is one way people get it, and it's actually very common. Thanx to years of meds and diabetes, I have a liver condition called NASH. Many people have no clue they have a liver condition until their livers are very sick. I'm not paid to link this next site, but for the morbidly curious, it's pretty good info. Signs and Symptoms of Ten Common Liver Diseases
    In the last two years, I have turned myself completely around, lost 50 pounds, and have the best blood work in years, plus I made it through holidays last year without gaining a single pound. I didn't exercise much last winter, either, although I'm not advising you to *not* exercise. I'm currently in a program at the fitness center and feel so much better. But what I'm saying is, even with diabetes, I flew through holidays last year without any blood sugar problems. HOW????
    I think a lot of diabetics aren't aware that proteins and fats don't spike your blood sugar. They're also not aware that there is a big difference between fast carbs and slow carbs. It's really weird, but 'healthy' carbs that take longer to digest can actually keep your blood sugar higher for a longer time than fast carbs. Maybe you've heard of 'high glycemic' carbs. Those are legumes (beans), all grains, most fruits (berries are generally ok to eat), and the kinds of veggies that fall into roots (potatoes and carrots) and gourds (pumpkin and squash). On the other hand, leafy greens (letttuces and spinach), brassica (includes cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli) and a few other kinds of things that you might like in salads, like radishes and olives, barely bother your blood sugar at all. If you like charts, you can find a glycemic index of some kind all over the internet.
    Here comes the easy part.
    The real scientists who came before me have figured out you can get away with about 10 grams of carbs per meal or snack roughly about every two hours without noticeably spiking your blood sugar, unless you're completely insulin dependent because your pancreatic beta cells literally can't produce your own insulin. Basically, you can have a cup of milk, as long as you skip all the bread, potatoes, corn, gravy, stuffing, and dessert. THAT SUCKS, you say. Ok, ok, you're right, that sucks. But I still really figured it out. I am a cookie addict. For many years, I haven't made it through a whole day without a cookie. Or two... J'adore cookies! When I found out about the glycemic thing and the 10 grams of carbs guideline, I thought ah-HA, but they can't make me stop eating cookies! I would break a cookie in half and wait a couple hours and eat the other half. I wound up eating cookies all day long that way.
    And that's the secret.
    First of all, it was thrilling to see my random and then my fasting glucose drop down all by itself without medication or exercise. I tried meds for 11 days and the doctor pulled me off, turns out I am excruciatingly med intolerant. And at the time, I was also too exercise intolerant to move around a whole lot. I wasn't that overweight, only 236 pounds (mostly from steroid meds), but coming from several generations of diabetics full of all kinds of complications, I know you don't necessarily lose a leg or your vision before you lose your life. Or worse, have multiple strokes and lose your ability to function and wind up in a nursing home for years. Because that happened to my mom. She was on the sorta skinny side when the strokes hit, but her glucose easily hit the 300-400's all the time. Her blood stayed 'sticky' all the time from her inability to process carbs properly, and that caused complications galore. She loved her pop and her flavored coffee and breakfast sweets and holiday goodies and mashed potatoes and bread...
    Remember, diabetes doesn't always make you fat, and plenty of bigger people don't even have diabetes. And remember, if you HAVE diabetes, YOU have problems processing carbs. Your poor body is trying to keep up.
    When I got into the habit of breaking my carb loads down into much more manageable chunks, I discovered it was getting easier and easier to do it all the time, even during holidays. Once you get used to actually feeling better (seriously, lost 50 pounds in 4 months ~doing that~), you suddenly notice how gross you feel when you 'carb out'. Like headaches. Wow, I couldn't believe how that cut down my headaches. And heartburn. I spent years treating heartburn, and while everyone thinks it's from fatty rich foods, I have proof that a goodly carb load is miserating for heartburn spiking back alive after you haven't experienced it in awhile. Also, my skin problems went away all by themselves, my liver enzymes went back to normal, my hair started growing in better, and I started feeling so much better that I was able to get out of the house and go shopping again. I went from driving a mobile cart around the store to walking around, and now I can walk all over a store before I get tired.
    See, when you constantly carb load with diabetes, you are diverting your body's priorities away from other things, because your body is constantly working on *saving your life* (and ultimately failing). That sleepy 'coma'? That is a desperate scream from your body to STOP, yes, even for normal people. I never used to know what it was like to have energy after I ate a meal. I have energy *all* *the* *time* now because my body no longer has to divert all its resources to frantically scrubbing my blood while everything else goes to pot. I know this sounds ridiculous to some of you, but can you think of a better way to describe what is actually happening after a person with diabetes eats a big meal?
    You can still eat pie and cake and gravy and creamed corn and all that stuff if you are diabetic, no one can stop you. But I'll tell you a secret. It's healthier if you simply just eat all the bacon you want ~instead~. Because that's what I did. I lost 50 pounds eating butter and bacon. I know that's *bad*, and I'm terrible for saying it. But I have the bloodwork to prove it worked for me. Triglycerides are fats made from carbs. You can lower triglycerides by cutting carbs. In the meantime, there are other ways to eat that are still very satisfying, like the Rosedale diet and the'caveman diet', also called the paleo diet.
    A couple of myths about diabetes that annoy me to no end, because I've played the little scientist with my glucose monitor, is that eating protein with carbs slows down digestion so your glucose won't spike so badly, and eating cinnamon holds down blood glucose. There are more myths out there, but your body is no fool! There is no 'trick' that allows you to carb load without consequences when you are diabetic. Even normal people will get fatter when they carb load if they don't work it off right away like athletes, so no, there's no magic trick. Adding protein is good, yes, because people who carb load probably don't get enough protein anyway, but simply just eating protein doesn't give you free meter space for pie. Everything you eat with carbs impacts your entire body when you are diabetic.
    The best way into this is small steps. I gradually cut down my carbs and kept spreading them out through the day so I wouldn't feel like I was torturing myself. One good way to feel satisfied about holiday food is go ahead and cook it, but not all on the same day. Spread it out through the week, make the whole week a holiday, spread the wonderful taste through your life. And why not? Why not have pumpkin pie in the summer? Why not have eggnog in the spring? Maybe the reason we gorge is because we never get it otherwise, and it's ~so good~. But that makes it not as special on the holiday, you say. And I say, Ah, but it makes the rest of the year *more* special. Get used to parceling out the wonderful food through your whole life, get used to smaller rewards and feeling better, and holidays become a breeze. You don't have to torture yourself with celery and grapefruit, all you have to do is count your carbs. Two or three bites of pie every couple of hours as long as you keep the rest as proteins, healthy fats, and low glycemic veggies and berries, and you can eat all the pie you want, around the clock, for days and days and days, as long as you only eat two or three bites every two hours.
    One site that really helped me at the beginning was Blood Sugar 101. I was drowning in too much information until I found that site. Good luck with your stuff. I'm almost up to three years since I was diagnosed, and my doctor can't even tell on paper any more. My first year was full of huge changes and surprises, second year has been pretty sweet. Hugs to all of you still struggling with how to manage your diabetes. This works. Please try it.


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Open discussion in the Lexxperience group on Facebook if you'd like to interact with me and other fans about what I'm writing about Lexx.


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SAVE LEXX <-- what's happening with this blog.

I will NEVER ask for or accept donations to keep this site going. Ever.

Laptop screencaps used in not for profit blog episode and character reviews and film study at and Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

My screencaps are hosted at LexxPix. You are welcome to use my bandwidth to share these pix to other sites.

Join registered hashtags #Lexxperience, #Lexx, and mashtag #MerLexxian for real time twitter feed, photos, and videos.

Public hashtag #pblexxpix goes to a shared album in my photobucket. Anything on twitter, instagram, and photobucket labeled with this hashtag will automatically appear in this album as well. You are welcome to use my bandwidth to share these pix to other sites.

Lexx fans have permission to translate and copy my material to other fan sites and hotlink images from this blog.

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My first tracker was installed in 2004 and broke several times before moving to a new server, which lost a few months of stats, and then Xanga moved to new servers and I lost more stats for more months before the page came back up, so I've lost a total of about two years' worth of stats. The second was installed 2-22-14 and is considered very conservative by business owners who use analytics, which itself is very conservative, estimates being that roughly one third to one half of hits by real live people aren't even counted, most likely due to javascript discrepancies. Actual hits on several posts here are in the thousands now, and the Lexx Index in the ten thousands. I've got pingbacks turned off, so spam isn't counted at all within the Xanga internal tracker, and most direct post hits can be correlated to my real time linking activity on twitter and other social media. When I did Google Analytics beta testing I got to see how search engine performance compares to tracking. I believe live feed linking sources to various social medias are key to a future where search engines are more about performance than cataloging, which has been confirmed to me by coders who create bot algorithms as I was beta testing I've fought hard through redundant age-old stacks to make my way to the google front lines again, so my Lexx work shows up faster on Chrome searches now. This has been a really interesting ride. At any rate, my point is, I can still go back 6 years on my original tracker and I can still see that in 2013 just before the last big blog server move, I was getting traffic like this (and since then, the tracker may have been abandoned, we can't tell). Click the thumbnail to see full size.

My original tracker also still lets me see the latest 500 visitors on a map. I once counted over 80 countries among the total visits. You guys are not alone. Click the map to see it better.

Besides Lexx, the most common search phrases that bring new visitors here are variations on 'huge spaceship'. The most seen post from a phrase search is How Big is the Lexx? My biggest Lexx referrer is Lexx Domain. Most of page views per person count comes from the Lexx tag on Tumblr. Visitors who stay the longest come through URLOpener and are pinged through the Google translator server in Mountain View, CA.

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